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There has been a fairly new term in the past few weeks: Fake News. This means that journalists and the media are making up for lies to promote their political persuasiveness.

I remember how different I grew up. The radio plays music or plays comedy shows every hour, leaving only a few minutes of broadcast news, sports and weather. We have a community newspaper and a daily newspaper from a nearby city every week. The test mode begins and ends the TV day, consisting mainly of live shows and commercials. Often we don't even know about events that happen in another geographic area in a few days.

Now we have a 24-hour TV channel with almost unlimited channels, providing breaking news for crimes and events happening around the world. Quickly find global newspapers with a simple internet click. We are used to instant access to any information we want or need.

In psychology, we know that opinions are just ideas, and it is easy to find different opinions on any topic. Thoughts and opinions can change quickly, especially when new information is available.

I think today's media sources must be hard to consider all the expectations of their interesting 24-hour program. If a channel's mission is to focus on politics, it must present guests and topics, no matter how many news politicians produce on the day or week. ,attract the audience. Therefore, the host and the guest must take what they have, repeat it and “rotate” it so that people can continue to listen.

Think about what happens if you and your friends are sitting together for hours on politics. After recording the most recent current event, there may be some "assumed…" statements or guesses about why this might happen or even what might happen next. Soon, "sometimes" was quoted as a fact.

Because the Internet is unregulated, anyone can post whatever they want. Thoughts, opinions and unnecessary truths.

Here are some suggestions that might help you solve your problem:

  1. Don't think that everything you read, hear, or see is accurate.

  2. Remember that the demand for news and continuous broadcasts creates a vacuum that requires media fill.

  Let it go! Most of the content discussed or written is outside your control. You don't have to listen to or read all the available content, and you're sure you don't need to fix it.

  4. Remember to make healthy choices and balance your life, not just focusing on news reports.

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