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Do you often fill your fuel tank, or keep your dial down and down until you can't avoid it anymore? So there is reason to say that you should actually try to fill your fuel tank, especially in the winter.

First, if you always make sure you have enough fuel to keep the car running, it's obvious that you are unlikely to run out and be taken away in difficult situations. This seems to be common sense, but when your petrol runs out, it's usually easy to leave yourself shortly before, and the nearest garage is urgently needed when the petrol light is on. Depending on your location, it may take a few miles to find a station, so you may be getting out of control.

In recent years, we have made some progress in technology. Now almost all vehicles emit some kind of warning signal when the fuel is exhausted – whether it is lighting, alarm or both. But always relying on these warning symbols is not ideal, as mentioned above, you may be in a state of tension.

But why are we trying to keep enough fuel in the car for technical reasons? Ok, all in all – yes – yes. In winter, the outdoor temperature may vary, and it is obviously much colder than the summer temperature. When we drive a car, or if the car is stored in a warm garage, it creates heat that contrasts with the cold air outside. What happens when condensation occurs in the tank when cold and heat meet. Water in the fuel tank is dangerous – if water enters the fuel line, it can cause immeasurable damage to the vehicle, not to mention the habit of water in cold conditions. Water is heavier than fuel, so when the fuel enters the interior, the water naturally falls to the bottom of the tank. Therefore, it is worthwhile to drive with at least half full and preferably more cans.

Similarly, during the summer months, there are reasons to keep the vehicle alive. Higher temperatures will ensure a certain percentage of evaporation and may result in a lack of fuel in the tank. If there isn't much in any case, then you risk the vehicle's fuel to dry completely – you should avoid it at all costs.

For many years, particles tend to accumulate in the tank, and the constant use of the "slag" at the bottom of the tank can damage the fuel hose and the engine. Therefore, avoid keeping the fuel tank down.

Although it is well known that fuel prices are high and fuel prices are often raised to fuel costs, it may be more cost effective to do the right thing and keep the tanks full. So remember these suggestions the next time you drive through the local garage and invest in fuel!

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