Fashion and style: different T-shirt print types

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Custom t-shirt printing is a way to make yourself not only stylish but unique. This is why many people are interested in custom printing. From cute designs to declarations, custom t-shirts have evolved into something that even the fashion world will notice. From traditional screen printing to 3D printing, here are a few ways to customize your shirt.

screen printing

Screen printing is sometimes the most popular because it is also the cheapest way to transfer images to a shirt. People only need mesh cloth, fabric ink, scraper and basic cotton shirt. The screen is coated with special materials that will harden when exposed to light. Once the material is removed, the image will be embedded in the screen. Then place the screen on top of the T-shirt and add fabric ink there. Then use a spatula to push the ink out of the design. Once the ink hardens, the screen is removed and the outline of the image is clearly visible on the T-shirt. One benefit of using this approach is that the grid screen is reusable and the design can be reused. In other words, using this method is slow because the transfer process must be done separately.

Propagating heat

Heat transfer is particularly popular because of its ease of use, and because of the use of heat, the design can be delivered quickly. Heat transfer designs can be used extensively, even in the comfort of their own home. Simply place the design back on the T-shirt and use any heating equipment, such as a household iron. Run the iron multiple times in the design to ensure a complete transfer of the design. Although the transfer design is fast, simple, and relatively inexpensive, the design won't last long, and some may break for a while, eventually causing design damage.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is the latest form of printing because it is printed directly on clothing. Digital printing is popular because it has a color separation function that provides clear image design output. Because the design is printed directly on the material, the fabric absorbs the color, making it look longer and more realistic. Although digital printing is very popular, only a few people use it because the machine is a bit expensive. This type is ideal for those interested in opening up their own printing business.

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