Fear of outsourcing, how to decide when to outsource your business

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If the fear of outsourcing prevents you from accessing business tools that might be useful to your business, then this discussion will help you analyze professionals and outsourced services.

First, treat it like any other fear. do not panic. Fear is not bad or harmful. The fear we make may be instructive or destructive. Most importantly, don't make decisions based on fear.

The positive approach is to let fear drive you to research, collect and analyze information. Think of this information as a data point. One or two data points are certainly not enough to make decisions on any meaningful project.

While this is a good suggestion for any problem, let's consider the outsourcing issue more carefully. Below is a list of issues to keep in mind as you collect and analyze information about outsourcing.

·What do I need to accomplish?

· How outsourcing can help with this task

· What are the disadvantages of outsourcing?

·What are my viable alternatives?

What are the disadvantages of the alternative?

· Nothing is a reasonable choice

· What are the disadvantages of doing nothing?

The most common problems with outsourcing are:

  • cost

Most studies have shown that the cost of outsourcing is still lower than recruitment, training, tasks, follow-up, benefits, overstaffing and reducing staff when needed.

Is this correct for your business type?

  • quality

Quality can be managed effectively through project management and specific completion measures. Actual data is required before and after the test. If these measures are not taken, the internal allocation of projects or the signing of outsourcing contracts will not guarantee quality.

  • reliability

This is contractual. The results must be agreed in writing. For employees, you need to check their reliability records.

  • Time

This is contractual. If the timing is important, please agree in writing to the specifics.

  • control

When you outsource, your control will vary. Don't try to micromanage your employees or your outsourcing team. This will be counterproductive. This wastes their time and your time.

1. For outsourcing, your contract, project plan and payment are your control.

2. Employee control is entirely dependent on project plan, employee skills, experience and professional ethics.

  • Like to do all the work inside

This goes against most business goals. Some tasks are best done by people outside the company. Your business is built on the expectations of customers who outsource their professional needs to companies that provide relevant professional services. Keeping all your work in this way is a clear message that you have no confidence in the concepts you rely on to power your business.

Now, to make an informed decision about outsourcing, consider the information you collect and your experience. Take notes at any time. You cannot accurately remember everything, and you need specific information to document your decisions and make a work plan.

Analyze your findings and choose the best and most sensible choice. Prepare and execute your plan.

In short, worry that outsourcing will serve you. Regardless of the final decision, your business will do this better. You will have a better understanding of why the customer chose the service or not.

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