Final resort relationship advice

“The best advice I can give you is to make sure you are crazy.”

If you think that I won't be the first person to seek advice on a relationship, let me say it straightforwardly – you are right. However, you are here for my relationship proposal, so I must mean that I am not the first person you have ever been to. Therefore, I will start with the number one rule in the relationship.

You don't need them. You must always remember that you don't need your important others. You don't need them to survive, survive or breathe. The point in the relationship is that you want another person in your life. You have chosen to spend time because you want to put your heart into another person.

You must also remember that they have no right to enter your life. They don't own you, they don't have anything about you, they shouldn't enter your life for no reason – they have gained their place. Both of you have gained your place. Both of you must spend the same amount of time, love and care for the relationship between you to make yourself a healthy person.

These things are so important, because when we often feel the feelings and passions that make someone call it "my", we forget that they are not our whole world. Our own body, hope and faith are first and enter the world first. When you are completely alone and you feel that the world is not good for you, the person who is always with you is yourself. Although your whole life should be filled with the people you love, remember that you are the first. .

This comes from someone who has never had a relationship – but I have always been single. From being single, I know that you need to appreciate people in your life, but you also need to grow and appreciate yourself. You need to be alone in the cafe, or you can say "please a table." Although I have tips on this, it is another story.

My last suggestion is that if you need relationships or if you need to solve problems, talk to the people they talk to. The best person who can give you a relationship about your relationship is the person in the relationship. Talk about it and solve each other.

But in the end, if this doesn't work, my last suggestion, or really one of my only suggestions, is to put myself first.

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