Find the Domain and Range from a Graph



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    • avatar alex Orellana 1

      weirdly enough, I was taught this in class and I didn't understand shit…. now I'm here …. and I get it.

      • avatar Queen Kaylah 1

        You taught so much better than my own teacher and you over here using j cole lyrics😂💕 this is the type of algebra 2 teacher I need

        • avatar Sea Turtle 1

          i couldnt stand more than thirty seconds without having to pause the video and screaming into my pillow. But thanks for the help.

          • avatar Espirre wu 1

            I dont care if it was weird it helped me and thanks. my math teacher cant teach for shit ( im asian too)

            • avatar Sam Das 1

              Dear Lord i never fully understood this until now. Mind blown…

              • avatar APC216 1

                "deadpool does math"

                • avatar ManOfSnow 1

                  Very helpful and entertaining, thanks homie!

                  • avatar joeythekangaroo4321 1

                    Did anyone search up the lyrics of the song he was singing at 1:24?

                    • avatar joeythekangaroo4321 1

                      The video starts here 1:24 . Thank me later!

                      • avatar Tommy vo 1


                        • avatar Hongrui Sun 1


                          • avatar Edgar 1

                            LMAO I LOVE THIS DUDE

                            • avatar Josue Rivera 1

                              "white poeple"

                              • avatar Mohamoud Mohamed 1

                                Man quoted J Cole Work LMAOOO