Five challenges facing US call center outsourcing providers

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According to an international survey of business leaders, nearly six out of ten believe that outsourcing processes play an important role in improving the efficiency of business processes. As more and more companies rely on the outsourcing of their various functions, this number is gradually rising.

Call center outsourcing is the main process of outsourcing due to the company's multiple interests. But as competition intensifies and technology improves, the challenges faced by call center outsourcing providers continue to increase.

The following are the main challenges and solutions for contact center vendors.

Measuring the difficulty of customer satisfaction

Contact centers typically use a key performance indicator [KPI] measurement system to analyze the overall performance of the executive. However, checking customer satisfaction after resolving queries is a considerable challenge for suppliers.

To overcome this challenge, online surveys are available online, including SurveyGizmo, PopSurvey and Survey Monkey.

The Net Recommendation Score [NPS] developed in 2003 can be an important tool for measuring customer satisfaction.

Loss of call center executives

From the perspective of the outsourcing industry itself, this is a challenge for call center vendors.

Monotonous work causes this problem when combined with the high pressure of the target. In addition, dealing with angry customers on a regular basis can make agents hate their work. Therefore, the high turnover affects the call center outsourcing suppliers.

Multiple methods may complicate this issue, including:

• Flexible time

  • Gaming of the game

  • Fun activities on specific business days

Sellers must remember Stephen Covey's words: “Always treat your employees the way you want them to be in order to treat your best customers.”

Reaching smartphone users

According to a 2013 report by the Pew Research Center, approximately 56% of adults in the United States have smartphones. Therefore, these users want customer support services to work in sync with their smart devices. As a result, call center vendors are striving to manage services based on skilled users.

Visual IVR is the primary solution to this challenge, suitable for call center companies and modern users.

This advanced technology can reduce the number of calls received by the agent and the reduction in call time.

Change the volume

The call volume of the call center will never remain the same, which can lead to difficulties especially during busy hours.

Hiring a freelance call center agent during peak hours can be a very economical solution. It will also ensure that you don't have to spend more resources or office space.

The cost of the entire process rises

The increase in technology, infrastructure and labor costs has been one of the main challenges facing outsourced suppliers.

Companies can take advantage of the potential of outbound IVRs, which will increase revenues and help solve cost-related problems.

Call centers should adopt creative methods to solve the challenges. It must be remembered that challenges bring innovation, and it is these innovative methods that can help you win the game!

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