Five Forgotten N64 Games

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The N64 is not the best moment of Nintendo. The insistence on using ink cartridges not only made the system games more expensive, but also forced some publishers to bring their games to the PlayStation because they knew the CD format was cheaper to use and allowed them to store more. One of the most famous games that gave up Nintendo due to the hardware limitations of the cartridges is of course Final Fantasy VII. The seventh part of the JRPG franchise continues to be hit hard and is almost single-handedly responsible for selling the first PlayStation to Japanese gamers. The rest, as they say, is history.

But people remember that the N64 is not just awkward hardware decisions and a somewhat ridiculous controller. Some stellar games will also remember this system. GoldenEye is very important for game consoles because it is one of the first console FPS games to be fully adopted by the mainstream. The Time Flute uses the familiar Zelda formula and applies it professionally to three dimensions. The game often features Final Fantasy VII, when talking about the greatest game ever. Of course, there is Mario 64, which effectively shows the world how good the 3D platform games are.

As any comedian will tell you, they can't all be zingers. For one reason or another, not every game will really affect it. Some people are destined to be underestimated. Some cult classics. Others are just a name. When you talk to a friend, it's hard to get out of your tongue.

With this in mind, here are the top 5 forgotten N64 games.

Win back

Gamers with the original PlayStation may be sensational about a small game called "Metal Gear." This is one of the first console stealth action games that really affects the major markets. After the success of the first stable game, the series became an important banner for PlayStation consoles. However, few players will remember that the N64 has its own stealth action game in WinBack. WinBack is an excellent game that appeared in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is a very good game with advanced cover-based shooting and some less perfect MGS stealth mechanism. Alloy equipment continues to be one of the biggest series ' In terms of games, WinBack ranks fifth in our list of forgotten N64 games.


Tetris is a very important game. One of the best-selling games of all time, and one of the huge money-making robots of the Nintendo game boy, the super-popular puzzle game has successfully surpassed it with Pac-Man and the game media there in the list of games your grandfather has heard. Table tennis. One thing that Gramps will almost certainly not hear is Tetrisphere. As you may have found from the name, Tetrisphere is basically Tetris, played on the sphere. Avoiding all the ideas about "if it's not destroyed without fixing it", Tetrisphere is one of the few games that managed to make a new revolution to the old classics instead of getting everyone involved.

Explosive Legion

Blast Corps is a delicate game. There is no detailed story. There is no emotional connection to the character. There is no delusion of delusion. This is a game where you drive trucks through the city and suburbs and break the real good. This is it. Trucks have never been handled particularly well, and the level of forced repetition can certainly be strangled, but the incredible satisfaction of using a small truck to turn the city into ruins.

Beetle Adventure Racing

On the surface, the Beetle Adventure Car may sound like a cash or an ad that looks like a game, but the game is a rare treat for anyone to enjoy the surprise. In the beginning, players can unlock the game through a number of enjoyable single-player experiences by exploring and standard racing, thus cutting off access to certain parts of the game. The focus on exploration and more traditional racing cars has not become an open world racer as we have seen today, but it is certainly ahead of the times. And local multiplayer games? GoldenEye is for you to get the most fun on the system.

Ogre Battle 64: Lordly Caliber

Ok, let's make it clear. The Ogre Battle 64: Lordly Caliber has an absolutely ridiculous name. This is likely to cause the cartridge to not land on many Christmas lists many years ago, packaging Ogre Battle as the number one in our forgotten N64 game leaderboard. Neglected role-playing games have huge branching stories, some decision making and surprising replay values, thanks to the way the world changes according to your behavior. If you try to talk to many gamers today about the game, you may only be confused, but Ogre Battle is a wonderful role-playing game, and any self-respecting retro game fans should try hard.

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