Five signs of disruption of communication within the workplace

Research by Deloitte and Touche Human Capital shows that 95% of CEOs believe that effective internal communication is critical to the success of the organization, but only 22% agree that they believe it is effective.

Most business leaders believe that effective internal communication is complementary and does not affect the company's profit and loss.

However, a study by SIS International Research proved that it was wrong. It shows that productivity is declining due to inefficient internal communication, and workers are wasting $26,041 annually.

Therefore, effective internal communication does affect the profit and loss of the company!

Now, you may think about whether you have established effective internal communication in your business. No more hesitation, the list here can help you determine if your business has reliable internal communication.

5 Analyze your service provider through failure:

1. Your employees don’t understand what they need to achieve

Try this, walk around in your office and ask any of the employees you meet with what they are aiming for this month or the next three months. If they have a hard time answering your questions, then your company will have a communication failure.

Managers must communicate with employees about the goals they need to achieve. It should be fully emphasized by communicating as much as possible that they are fully aware that they are guiding all efforts to achieve their goals.

The study found that when employees understand their overall role in the business, 90% of people will work hard for this success, but if they don't, the number will drop to 23%.

2. Work [usually] is not completed correctly

There are several possibilities:

  • Did not finish the work as expected
  • Work is done twice by different employees
  • Work is not done at all

All of these different cases stem from the lack of communication at the superior. It can come from the “employee factor,” but it may be that the leader does not actively and clearly communicate and asks if the employee needs additional explanations or resources to complete the task.

3. Employees do not receive the same information update

Without its confidentiality, all employees should receive the same information at the same time. When a department's employees have just discovered a company-wide announcement from management, your company will have communication problems, and other employees from the same or different departments have received notifications a few days ago.

Inappropriate communication tools used by the company may cause this to happen. Therefore, they are not helping your employees to communicate better, but creating trouble for them.

For example, if your company needs fast and instant communication, email or messenger is not the right approach. On the other hand, walkie-talkie applications can meet your needs in this situation.

Different needs require different solutions to ensure your organization supports your business with the right communication tools to meet your needs.

You also got a lot of customer complaints

As long as the company operates, customer complaints always exist. However, if your customer complains more than usual, it is an indicator of your company's communication disruption.

It may allow customer support to not communicate previous complaints to product development, or product development will not explicitly or otherwise inform the product of changes to the product.

When internal communication is not clear, it usually affects the product/service and will eventually bring a lot of confusion to the customer.

Your employee turnover rate is high

Employee mobility is a complex and challenging problem for almost every company in the world. It requires a thorough solution because it is very expensive for the company. Losing an employee can cost the organization up to 213% of the employee's salary.

Seventy-one percent of employees believe that managers don't spend enough time explaining goals and plans, which is why: Communicate from an “employee-centric” perspective and train managers to clearly and consistently talk about all policies, which are several Two of the proposed proactive methods are retained by employees.

Don't let the illusion below communication make it impossible for you to achieve internal communication that your organization faces.

As George Bernard Shaw said, “The biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has already happened.”

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