“Five Ways To Kill An e-Commerce Startup” 500 Startups – Sean Percival [COMMERCISM 2014]

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    • avatar Tochina Mike 1

      +1 to the speaker

      • avatar mouldypigeon 2

        what is a price sheet? do you mean going to one supplier with a competitive quote from the other supplier?

        • avatar ΑΝΕΣΤΗΣ ΚΑΛΛΙΓΑΣ 2

          i love your speech…great work

          • avatar ΑΝΕΣΤΗΣ ΚΑΛΛΙΓΑΣ 1

            i love your speech…great work

            • avatar Keith B 2

              Awesome talk, thank you for sharing! This is priceless.

              • avatar John Blignaut 1

                Great talk. Lapped it up. Thanks for sharing.

                • avatar Paulo Rebelo 1

                  5:00 – Customer happinessPatience over time

                  • avatar Cole Harpell 1

                    Subscribed! Great video

                    • avatar A2 UKR 1

                      Like the phrase "learning from failure" …so true.

                      • avatar A2 UKR 0

                        Interesting and worth watching.

                        • avatar The eCom Project 1

                          Couldn't agree more with this, some really useful advice…

                          • avatar Danilo Del Cadia 1

                            truth…great comments