Fixed Fees List 101 – Know the facts before listing the Florida FSBO flat rate in the MLS!

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Who do you believe that the fixed costs of the MLS industry work?

There are four “business models” in Florida that offer a fixed-cost list of MLS:

1] Country website They didn't get permission in Florida, but they collected the money and then referred you to a Florida discount real estate agent – they charged a portion of the fee. The national website is a competent business enterprise and usually has a real estate agent license in one state but not in all states.

2] Florida and Occupational Fixed Fee Website : Florida must have about 70 "sites." They are licensed real estate agents who charge a flat fee for part-time jobs or are testing the water to see if they can earn a few dollars at a flat fee.

3] Florida broker disguised as a flat fee : They seem to be fixed fees, but their business model is not consumer friendly, and I think their business behavior is questionable. They may or may bring your buyers from Realtor.com and other sources to their own agents; or may charge up to $500 in cancellation fees; or keep your listing married until you pay [$500] just "Conditionally" revoke your list from MLS, if you attempt to cancel and transfer to a full-service agent – your list will be trapped in this "conditional" state until you pay a $500 ransom.

4] Florida authorizes fixed-cost MLS brokers, built, trusted, transparent and paperless, specializing in internet marketing and providing real customer support.
[Note: There are more than one trusted MLS fixed fee company in Florida, but there are also many companies that fall into the #2 and #3 categories above.]

Fixed cost MLS doesn't just need to enter a list in the local MLS…

1] Florida's fixed fee MLS sellers are 100% controlled. They want their MLS list to always be correct.

2] Third-party websites such as Realtor.com, local MLS systems and IDX must be regularly monitored for information provided to local real estate brokers, as the list does not belong to these systems. Technical failures often occur.

3] Sellers adjust their lists such as pictures, prices, commissions and their property descriptions. There are necessary forms such as molds, lead-based coatings and property disclosure.

4] Florida Fixed Fee MLS Broker is responsible for Buyer Leadership Capture, Agent Display Request, Network Marketing, Troubleshooting, Customer Service, Negotiation, Editing and Peace. Fixed-cost MLS brokers must be prepared to invest time and effort.

Fixed-cost MLS brokers must be prepared to invest time and effort…

1] The idea of ​​spending $200 and including a list in MLS as an afterthought is not a fixed fee. There are more moving parts that make up a "real" fixed-cost MLS company that goes beyond people's imagination. For example, last week, the MLS in Orlando just took over the Venice Real Estate Agents Committee. When they made the transition, it eliminated 53 Realtor.com “showcases” of properties from Central Florida [Orlando]. It took place on Thursday night and received resources and a number of calls from the Central Florida Regional Vice President and Operations Director to streamline this major failure.

2] Amateur or part-time fixed fee MLS "Website" operators may not have the resources or experience to deal with such matters.

3] Flat rate MLS brokers must be prepared to support and effectively market customers on the Internet.

4] If the MLS discount broker asks you to print the form, fill it out and fax it back, which means they have not considered or invested in online automation. This means that listing changes, edits, and status changes will fax this fax…. Back to the days of the caveman.

What to pay attention to before setting a fixed fee

1] If the fixed fee MLS "Website" does not display the "Listing Agreement", it should be a warning.

2] Read the “Start to End” listing agreement carefully before providing any fixed-cost company funds to the country or Florida service.

3] Learn about the process and policies for how the buyer gets the seller [if any] from Realtor.com and other sources.

4] Realize that many calls will go to fixed fee brokers. Up to 70 calls per day can enter a fixed-cost MLS broker. Miss one, this may be your sale.

5] Consider and verify the number of hours of fixed-fee MLS services.

6] A flat fee website that offers only one marketing option is actually just a "website." In addition to the basic MLS list, there are many marketing methods. How to market directly to Realtors®. For example, if the seller wants to provide a 4% buyer agent commission, does the fixed fee service offer a way to promote a higher than average commission? Some fixed-cost services do offer the Realtor eblast program, which sends approximately 12,000 emails to all Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Orlando and Jacksonville real estate agents every 15 days. This is an effective marketing method that real estate agents respond to.

7] Fixed Fees The seller should consider the contract representative. The contract to flat fee plan helps to complete the transaction faster. There is a season when real estate professionals handle contract negotiations leading to smoother seller transactions and higher net sales. One of the most difficult parts of the negotiations is the possible subsequent renegotiation after the inspection. Negotiating inspection reports does mean re-roofing because some inspectors or real estate agents say the roof is at the end of "useful" life. Putting the buyer's agents, buyers and sellers on the same page is an art. In addition, there are some important nuances that really help to get more Realtor® programs, such as allowing fixed-fee brokers to schedule shows [more professional], using exclusive sales rights [non-exclusive agent listing agreements] and using professional looks Metal sign.

How to fix a fee list in Florida to avoid trouble

1] Read the listing agreement.

2] Call the fixed fee service and ask them how to handle the buyer leads.

3] Call and verify the operation time.

4] If you cancel your listing, please ask if there are any penalties or conditions.

5] If you choose to cancel and use the full service agent, please ask the listed company whether to "unconditionally" withdraw your list from MLS.

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