Food Business Consultant: The Road to Career and Growth

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The word food business consultant itself reveals a lot of information. Basically, the industry provides all the knowledge, guidance and assistance that people involved in food, including hotels, restaurants, schools and cafeterias, or any other place that provides food to people.

The primary purpose of people belonging to a particular business is to serve their customers to offset problems in their food business. In addition, consultants can be consulted not only when problems occur, but also when new people are about to start new food-related businesses, and they can seek advice from food business consultants. Because they have the appropriate and necessary knowledge, they can help solve any type of problem in a cost-effective manner.

Both parties, consultants and their clients [people in need] are involved in the process. The specific time is determined in advance, and the specific goal is to achieve, so the fee is charged.

Career path becomes a “food business consultant”

Foodervice Consultants Society International [FCSI] is a global industry association dedicated to improving the professionalism of food service and hotel consulting. Eligible candidates must clear these two exams to become a professional member of the International Food Service Consultants Association [FCSI].

The steps involved in becoming a food business consultant:

– Bachelor of Science

You must have a bachelor's degree in food science, food industry management, hotels or any field related to the food industry in order to pursue the same degree as the career path. People can earn degrees online because many organizations also offer online courses.

– get experience

In order to become a professional member of FCSI, individuals must have at least three years of experience in the food service industry. A competent consultant can work in a variety of work environments, including school cafeterias, hospitals, restaurants, fast food restaurants, etc., to gain practical experience.

– Position of employee of food business consulting company

Individuals must work hard in the professional grades of food industry consultants and seek employment in food industry consulting firms. In the initial phase, employees can engage in any work related to the food available to the company and should seek opportunities to become project managers in later courses.

– Associate member of FCSI

Before the highest level, there are many execution levels for one person to clear. The executive or employee level is primarily referred to as the level of learning or trainee, where a capable person learns everything in order to gain a higher status in his/her field. Associate members of the FCSI are eligible to become senior members of the FCSI after serving as project managers.

– FCSI Professional Member

After completing the above steps, the individual is eligible to become a professional member of FCSI. Individuals who successfully become professional members are more qualified to provide services to those seeking assistance from qualified food industry consultants.

In addition, individuals can even open their own consulting company to help and make money.

in conclusion

In short, to become a food industry consultant, you must have a bachelor's degree, a three-year management experience in a consulting firm, become an associate member of the FCSI, and then become a professional member.


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