Free mobile games – is it a boon or a curse?

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Are you playing games on your smartphone during your free time? Have you downloaded the game on your phone? Coins always have two faces.

Mobile games are games that are played on your select or smartphone. Starting with basic snake games, these games have evolved to be more realistic and have more realistic features. They have been modified to display better graphics, with multiple player facilities [even from different places] and more. These games can be divided into premium and free value added. Premium games require a paid download application, while freemium games are available for free download, but they require real cash to enter certain levels.

Mobile gamers range from boring old parents to passionate teenagers to kids. They all have different options, such as easy sliding games to violent shooting games. For older or middle-aged people, there are some more relaxed games, such as easy finger sliding. There are location-based games, shooters and even augmented reality games on the market that are suitable for young and exciting teenagers.

Location-based games have the ability to track your location, connect it to the game and make your movement a major aspect of the game. In augmented reality games, your smartphone camera captures images, and through the screen, game graphics can also help you interact with your surroundings. These graphics are usually drawn and they move according to your movement.

Movies and series that like action can choose to shoot or war games. There are many such items in the store, they are multiple players that allow you to interact and play with several players around the world. For growing children, there are many educational games that can help them improve their habits. Those games show the daily tasks they should follow or the daily habits they should get. There are also games that can improve their language.

Are these games on your smartphone worth your time? Honestly, they are not. Most of the stores are made for profit, and those free-of-charge games often require you to pay real money at a critical level, leaving you with no choice. Most of you spend money on these so-called free games, rushing to the next level or unlocking the hardest games and so on.

Most games make you addicted to them and forget the running time when you play. There are a lot of reports showing how a player is addicted to it, they end up committing suicide, or they are so hooked on the phone that they have some sort of accident.

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