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  2. JonnyBeoulve JonnyBeoulve

    Damn youre a rude interviewer wtf.

  3. Akshay Sapra Akshay Sapra

    Matt just stfu and let the other person talk lol

  4. Joe Rodriguez Joe Rodriguez

    this field is prime for automation. i predict a SHIT TON of job losses in the next 5 years when this web dev bubble bursts.

  5. deckard163 deckard163

    All these "new" technologies make webpages run more and more like crap, slower, etc. I have been a developer for almost 30 years. I remember programming for KB in the late 80's then for MB of memory in the 90's. And in the 90's just with standard technology, using Perl,C,etc. on the backend, and Javascript for the frontend, it is possible to make webpage just as "nice eye candy" and as advanced as today but with MUCH LESS memory and CPU usuage and would load A LOT FASTER. Today, you need a computer with 8Gigs of memory and fairly fast CPU just to do basic browsing, and even with all the bandwidth of today, it is sluggish. Pretty embarrassing. Even Java back then was faster. Java is so bloated now, it is not funny. And all the "new" languages, are just that: "fashion" but total crap. The state of software development is pathetic now a days.
    BTW: Agile is pure CRAP! It's for people who are not real engineers and do not know how to design. In fact "Agile" == "just build a pile of crap without planning and make it up along the way"

  6. Vignesh Sharma Vignesh Sharma

    +1 subscriber

  7. tear728 tear728

    First off, hats off to CodingTutorials360. He successfully learned on his own enough of a skillset to get a job. That's not easy.
    However, he shouldn't just stop there. This is why:

    Web development, particularly Front End Development, is not a field that I think is going to be around like it is in 5-10 years. I think that tools are going to come out that make it quite obsolete. This is why I started going to get a degree in CS. I'm a full stack developer, but I understand that is a very niche skillset that might not be the same in the future. That is why getting a degree is worth it in my opinion.

    And yes, the level of rigor is not there at all. CS != Web developer. You won't know complexity analysis, data structures, algorithms, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, calculus, linear algebra, discrete math, etc. Knowing all these things makes you a much more rounded engineer that can switch from industries.

    I would suggest getting a degree in it to be honest. This field is getting much more complex every year and if you want to keep up you should learn as much as you can. Also, if you want to do any of the interesting work and not just spend you day trying to center divs, its worth getting the degree because you'll have some solid knowledge.

  8. Sarim Siddique Sarim Siddique

    As a full stack developer trying to get an entry level job, should I settle on being paid less because of my inexperience (with some of the things he mentions in the video like requirement gathering, ticketing, working and coordinating with a team etc.) or should I ask for more since those are things that are arbitrary to the job listing i.e. not part of the requirement rather things you just have to deal with when on the job.

  9. Crazy Programmer Crazy Programmer

    which is the website he is learnig ???

  10. Michael McGehee Michael McGehee

    Is it possible to get a web development job only knowing html and css? Of course the idea is to ultimately be a fullstack developer, but just wondering if html and css is okay to get an entry level job and move up from there. Thank you all for your replies.

  11. Sakitha Sathis Sakitha Sathis

    Can you suggest any internship program like this in Canada

  12. remusomega remusomega

    nice green screen

  13. Praneeth Nidarshan Praneeth Nidarshan

    I did not complete my computer science degree but I do Full Stack Web development. I just need to know that would companies hire developers even they don't have a academic qualification?

  14. Chris Hansen Chris Hansen

    man your body language get's me. It's irritating to watch sometimes to be honest. You have this, 'I know more than you, I know everything, I've done it all…vibe.'

  15. Quack Productionz Quack Productionz

    so html will make a millionare?

  16. Marco iTV Marco iTV

    You looked like you want this interview to be over before it even started, you look bored out of your mind doing this interview, i hope he paid you well for this, cause you do not feel like you want to do this 🙂

  17. billy esquivel billy esquivel

    Get an interview with a guy that does network/cyber security


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