Fuse Networking Round Table – Thursday, August 10th

Fuse Networking Round Table - Thursday, August 10th
The Fuse Networking Round Table! Join us at Smoke Rise Country Club for the Fuse Networking's Round Table on Thursday, August 10th. Breakfast will be served. We'll be be joined by Brad Stevens of Entreholic, who will lead a discussion on fast and low cost innovative strategies to implement now. FREE to attend with membership. for non-members (Limited to two visits.  Must be paid in advance.) Some of the benefits of membership: Securing your seat at the table. Max 20 folks Listing on the online fuse directory 25% discount on advertising on Fusenetworking.net Open opportunity to blog on www.fusenetworking.net which will be broadcast to database of 3000 Seating is limited so early RSVP is required and appreciated!  

at Smokerise Country Club
4900 Chedworth Drive
Stone Mountain, United States



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