Game ideas for your next family gathering

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The next New Year's Eve is to celebrate in your place, you want to host a wonderful party, a night that will never be forgotten! If you're not familiar with hosting parties and can't think of the best party games your guests will cherish, here are some tips to help you keep on your family gathering plan, as well as games [including drinking games] to choose from.


You are the host, so you can choose the game that is played by your guests. The sooner you finish, the longer you will need to plan and shop. First, get to know your guests. If your family reunion is for a group of close friends who like to stay up late to dawn, drinking games is the best choice. Otherwise, if they are alcoholist, it is best to choose some interesting board games such as "taboo" or "Pictionary", or dialogue games such as "Dumb Charades" or "Truth or Dare". Either way, decide ahead and buy what you need in advance.

Finish the game

The main purpose of playing games at parties is to have a common source of fun, rather than having people split into groups for private conversations. For guests with different backgrounds, or those who don't know each other, it is also a conscious pun that changes the rules of the game. Whatever your reason, here are some interesting drinking games and non-drinking games to help you with zero. Of course, you can choose more than one.

Drinking game

A convenient reminder to choose a drinking game is to choose the kind of wine. For example, "Beer Table Tennis" will only get along well with your guests in the case of beer lovers. If your guests don't pay special attention to their drinks, choose other games, such as "I never did" or "flip the cup." Precautions – If there are only Scottish fans around, please don't choose a drinking game that requires shooting.

Non-drinking game

For more formal family gatherings, or people with children, board or conversation games are your best choice. Choose from more popular games, such as "Dumb Charades" or "Pictionary." You can also explore lesser-known options such as “The Book” or “Dictionary Game”.

Same day

Now that you plan, shop and decorate, your actual test as a host comes from the day of your party. When your guests start to trickle, let them settle down. Don't jump into the game right away, put them at home first. Once you start the game, try to stick to your plan, but if things get boring, you can accept improvisation. As a moderator, you need to strike a balance between having the final say and courtesy. The most important thing is to have a dialogue between the two, to provide food and drinks perfectly, and to integrate equally with all guests.

Rock the next party, don't overstate one. have fun!

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