Games You Must Have for Your Super Nintendo Console

The Super Nintendo console has not gone away! It was the big hit of the 90's but many people still think of it as the best gaming system of all time. You may love your Xbox 360 and handheld games, but there is something special about the old Super Nintendo that has left a permanent impression on the minds of many people.

What makes the Nintendo Console so impressive is not the way it functions, but the games that were available for playing. They may not offer advanced digital imagery and lifelike scenarios like modern advanced gaming systems offer, but they were some of the most fun games of all time. There is no taking that way from the Super Nintendo!

Let's take a look at a few of the best games of all times, just in case you are wondering what you should be playing on your Super Nintendo console.

Super Mario Bros.

Yes, there are a lot of Super Mario games on the market today, but we aren't talking about the Mario vs. Luigi games that are popular for the Wii. We are talking about the original Super Mario Bros. game that was a huge hit when the Super Nintendo console was brand new and selling off the store shelves at big prices.

The graphics weren't all that impressive when you compare to the gaming systems on the market today, but that doesn't really matter with a game like the original Super Mario Bros. The fun came from watching the characters bounce around on the screen, hoping they didn't get their ample rear ends caught in the chomping flowers or their head stomped by the fire-juggling creatures.

The original fun of Mario didn't come from skiing down realistic looking mountains against Luigi, but from moving around Mario's world, trying to save the princess and conquer one world after the other. That fun will never die and has kept the Super Nintendo console in popular demand today.

Chrono Trigger

If you like a good battle and old time sword fights and other weapons are your thing, then chances are you will absolutely love this game. It centers on the adventures of a character known as Crono and many people claim that the actual battle play is just as good as you get from modern day games like Final Fantasy.

What is so great about playing this game on the Super Nintendo console is your moves throughout your battles determine what ending you will come to. There are many different possible endings so every time you play there is something different in store for you! This is one game that never gets boring and is favored even by children today who have experienced games on other systems such as the Xbox.

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

There is a little bit of everything involved with this game: kidnapping, good vs. evil, and of course battling and escaping the clutches of evil forces. You start in the dark world and try to rescue someone who has been captured, returning them to the light world. The imagery is what makes the game extremely fun, since you go through changes of weather and scenery much as you would in the real world.

There are many other great games that can be played on the Super Nintendo console for clean fun!

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