Garmin 255W Nuvi GPS, A Great Entry Level GPS!

GPS stands for Global Positioning System, which, as its name implies, is a program that reveals the exact location of a thing, but only if that object has a GPS transmitter attached to it in some way. GPS functions by executing GPS data using data furnished by specially chosen satellites. Utilizing the Waypoint Application in ExpertGPS to generate new waypoints reduces the possibilities of making a mistake when privately setting up coordinates on your GPS. GPS engineering has made a lot of progress since someone came up with the idea to put it inside consumer products.

The Garmin 255W Nuvi GPS has all the fantastic features that you have to have to ensure you get to your desired destination. It features the predictive technological know-how to provide you a quicker satellite lock, a re-designed screen which provides you a lot more information together with terrain maps and their brand new photo navigation feature. The complete maps for North America and the Test-to-Speech features give you turn-by-turn guidance with the spoken directions that contains the true names of streets. This means you get the precise “turn left at Jameson Road” in lieu of “take the next left”. There is a lot less room for a mistake at each turn.

The 4.3 inch diagonal screen on this nuvi GPS device allows you to view 70% more of the road close to you and has a “screen lock” feature that is standard on all Nuvi 2×5 and 7×5 Garmin devices. This function enables you to secure the screen so that there are no unintended touches by simply just moving the Power key to the right. The screen will go blank after approximately fifteen seconds in order to save power on the GPS.

The Screen Lock feature makes it easy to use the 255W nuvi in Walking function so you’ll be able to insert the system in your pants pocket or bag and then quickly unlock the screen by sliding the Power key to the center position when you require it instead of needing to power it off and on. This is a fantastic GPS system for those that are looking for a flexible GPS device.

The Garmin 255W nuvi GPS unit is a terrific item especially if you are just looking for something basic. The size and resolution are ideal and the map calculations are fast and accurate. This is probably the economical GPS available.

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