1. koottsta koopr koottsta koopr

    I used to deliver furniture…. I don't know how the hell the did it back in the day without such a device as this! Sometimes, this thing for sure sends me the long way for no reason.

  2. subliminal sans subliminal sans

    Are there any like this that I can charge at home? Do they all come with car chargers? Can they be off the charger and operate?

  3. Regina Regina Regina Regina

    Don't believe in Garmin… I bough one map out side USA, they sent to me a chip, $50 dollars, I went to other country it doesn't works NOT AT ALL…shame on they!!! I ask they the refund…they sent me email that it will be on my credit card and NEVER come…. shame on they!!!

  4. Shoyeb Riyad Shoyeb Riyad

    it doesn't show exact apartment number sometime…..

  5. jonbryn4 jonbryn4

    How about voice?

  6. Underwear Lover Underwear Lover

    Does the garmin tells you any slow areas like if theirs a backup and traffic is going slow like Google maps does?

  7. shawn ray shawn ray

    i love gpses if i had a car i buy a trunk load of em just cuz i love navivational systems

  8. Maurice Cardinal Maurice Cardinal

    Thanks for the review. You were very informative.

  9. Carlton Fernandez Carlton Fernandez

    Very good presentation

  10. rccrashburn rccrashburn

    It is easy to see that the screen is more unresponsive as compared to a cell phone.

  11. Second Story Second Story

    In some states you can get a ticket for having anything mounted to the windshield so does this GPS come with a dashboard mount?

  12. nikhilsrl nikhilsrl

    Not sure if you have used any of the 6" or 7" ones. Just wanted to know if there is a lot of difference in terms of screen size

  13. Adrian Pasca Adrian Pasca

    Plz tell me how to do it model of my garmin is nuvi 2559 LM

  14. Adrian Pasca Adrian Pasca

    How can i change size of vehicle ??? I am a big truck deiver 🙁

  15. Kevin Hinton Kevin Hinton

    I will never purchase a garmin product again, I tried 50 plus emails to customer service to get the life time map updates over a 2 year period with no success, I tried again 2 years later, 10 emails and 2 visits to Halfords where purchased, again nothing so I contacted the Evening Telegraph and explained to Halfords that although they were not at fault a photographer from the newspaper would arrive tomorrow as they sold the item and offered lifetime map updates, Halfords replied no photos could be taken, I informed them the photographer will arrive at 2.00pm.
    Halfords contacted Garmin and they issued a code number, this gave me the updates but corrupted the whole system and now the item is not working at all.
    There is no customer service here so my advice is DO NOT BUY ANY GARMIN PRODUCTS, if you do you will regret it.

  16. It's My Car Blog It's My Car Blog

    New version is Garmin Nuvi 3597LMTH, Great!

  17. Ken Shiro Ken Shiro

    how did you do all that without crashing


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