GEICO Occupation – How do I pass the GEICO Employment Exam?

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GEICO is the third largest insurance company in the US, so they can afford their people on board. Team members and effective communicators are a must. If this describes you and wants to have a new career within GEIGO, who is the ideal candidate, what do you need to do to succeed? Join me when I review GEICO's career – How do I pass the GEICO Employment Test?

GEICO is a “people” organization that does not believe in trading with customers – they believe in interaction. Customer service is a top priority, and teamwork is the key to unlocking successful interactions. Although they expect to get a lot from their colleagues, GEICO provides successful building tools through their own GEICO University, such as industry-led training, in-house courses and online training.

But first you must pass the GEICO employment test! So what is it, what do you need to do?

The GEICO employment test should be called pre-employment testing. Designed to accurately assess the skills, talents and knowledge you have, each test is tailored to the specific job you are applying for.

It is based on real-life situations that employees encounter in the market, with the goal of eliminating anyone who might be in the workshop. The test is roughly divided into three parts:

1] Reading and understanding. Based on real-life situations, you will be asked to read a series of short stories and answer a series of questions. This seems a bit redundant because they expect late grades and experienced people to apply for their job, but this is mandatory.

2] Typing and computer skills. This is a multiple-choice, basic skill test to find out the level of operation you currently have in typing and computer program knowledge. Since communication is a key factor in their success, grammar testing may even be possible.

3] Role playing. If you don't like the idea of ​​role-playing and think of it, you will cringe – turn now and leave! In the case of a customer/employee, you may be asked to be a GEICO representative who is dealing with the customer, or a customer who wants advice and assistance. The goal is to evaluate your sales skills, see how you work under pressure, stay calm and calm, and don't forget to treat employees politely!

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