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Would more comments help your blogging efforts? Are you using CommentLuv? The following is a review of the that plugin.

I use the plugnin on a WordPress blog, but it is also available for other blogging platforms. Why would you want to use it? One reason is to help you get more people to comment on your blog.

It’s kind of implied in the title, but CommentLuv starts to work when someone starts to comment on your blog. You can watch the action by following along and commenting on my blog.

When you go to the comment area of your blog you will find some boxes or input areas that you will need to fill out in order to leave a comment. The number of boxes that are displayed depends on how the blogger has set up his blog.

You will always find two input boxes that are required. At least I have not yet run across a blog that does not require your blog visitor to enter their name and email address. The email address will not be displayed so it is ok for your visitor to enter these two items.

The next box that I have always seen is optional – it is generally titled: website. You visitor will enter his website/blog URL here. This produces a clickable link to his web presence. This is an opportunity for someone to click through to his site.

However, as you will see later, more than that happens if you have this plugin activated on your blog.

There may be other boxes that your visitor can fill out – like entering his Twitter username.

However the next box that is required in order to leave a comment is the comment box itself. This is where the CommentLuv plugin comes into play.

As soon as someone clicks inside the comment box to start entering a comment, the plugin starts working. It will start looking for the website associated with the URL entered into the website box.

When the plugin finds the web address that was provided, and if it finds that it the website is a blog, it will check the feeds of the blog and collect the titles of a selection of the last few blog posts on the blog. I think it will select all the posts that are on the home page.

It will list the title of the latest blog post below the submit button as the default post. However, there will be a little arrow beside the post name and the person commenting on your blog can select another post if they want to send the Luv to some post besides the default post.

There is also a checkbox there that can be un-checked in case the person making the comment does not want to sent any Luv to his site for this comment. Don’t know why he would want to un-check this box, but the option is there.

What is happening here is that the plugin is going to generate a link from your site to a post on your visitors blog. This link will appear under their comment after they hit the submit button. Someone has comments on your blog and a link is generated to a post on their blog,

How cool is that? Very, and it is very beneficial to the person making the comment as the search engines will detect this link to their blog.

You can see this process in motion by leaving a comment on this blog post and you will see the link back to your blog post.

So, as you can see your visitor will get rewarded when they leave a comment on your blog if you have this plugin installed. Same for you if you comment on a blog that has the plugin installed and activated.

Thus, a good reason to install this plugin on your blog is that it could increase the potential that someone will comment on your blog. And you do want people to comment on your blog. This is a win/win situation for both parties.

An addition benefit comes to you if you register your blog with the site. The owner/developer of the plugin will provide you with several benefits. These include rankings, tracking, and more.

So, want more comments for your blog? Install CommentLuv and that will encourage more of your blog visitors to leave a comment, because it also helps them by giving them a link back to their blog. In the end this will enhance your blogging efforts.

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