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Surprisingly, how much technology has brought us. Not long ago, the radio was a new, amazing invention, in the form of a piece of furniture in the living room. Now, we barely consider radio. That's why we barely thought about it if we were tired of endless commercials, or if we couldn't find a show we liked.

The Sirius radio responds to these dilemmas. Now, from satellites orbiting the Earth, Sirius offers subscribers more than 130 channels of content to choose from. This service sounds good, isn't it? Well, if you have a Sirius Starmate satellite radio, that sounds great. This receiver has a real-time recording function that allows you to play back the channel before 44 minutes.

The Sirius satellite radio Starmate offers you the option of storing up to 30 channels of your choice for easy selection. You can also store the names of your favorite artists and songs, and the Sirius Starmate 4 satellite radio receiver will alert you when playing anywhere on the network. The Starmate 4 features an informative five-line LCD display that shows artist name, song title and channel information.

The Starmate satellite radio is very easy to use. It delivers high quality audio directly to your car's FM receiver, so you don't need any professional installation, improper wiring or other troubles to deal with. Plus, because you can use it on almost any radio, you can take it wherever you go. This makes it perfect for parties and picnics, or if you need to move it between the car and the company car during the day.

There is also a kit to help you connect this receiver to your home stereo system. When you purchase the Sirius Starmate satellite radio, you will get a unit with a power connector for easy tuning of the wireless remote, magnetic antenna and antenna extender. In addition, a suction cup mounting device is also included. Although you may be interested in using the wireless transmission function of this unit, if there is an auxiliary or line connection available, you can also connect it directly to the car's radio.


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