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Being invited to speak regularly is a great place. You don't have to do this work to get a speech! But we are not always at this point. If you are not there, you must not be too picky who accepts you as a guest speaker. Keep in mind that even the local Rotary Club or Garden Club is perfectly acceptable when you start.

It is very important to go out and make the most of your time by communicating with groups.

Therefore, if you want to give a regular presentation, you must call someone who doesn't know you. You must promote yourself to those who may not know who you are.

Very uncomfortable, huh?

Well, here is how I found my speech in the past, which works well for me. I hope it will do the same for you.

Know where you are.

In other words, get rid of yourself. I have heard complaints about talking to the group when they have dinner, and I have done it myself. Yes, it’s distracting to talk in the creaking sound of glass and silverware, and the waiter criss-crosses in front of you. If you find such a situation is terrible, then don't do it. But remember, you must build your spoken resume somewhere, as the saying goes, "You can't be a selector." Taking some groups that are not good enough for you is self-defeating, especially if your speech calendar is not fully booked.

Prepare a “sales” letter and email it to the appropriate contact.

First, call an organization or online research to find someone who will be a spokesperson for the group. Then, write an email that clearly describes the benefits of your information, touches the emotional triggers of your target audience, and builds the credibility of your work. When you send a message, create an interesting subject line to get them to open your email.

A reasonable possibility that your email could not be opened. It's ok. After a few days, when you follow up on the call, you can briefly refer to the letter and its contents, which will lead to the next step…

Follow up on the phone!

Yes! The terrible cold call here comes in. Whether it's leaving a voicemail or you are lucky and get a real person, please provide your five-second introduction. Then ask if their organization accepts speakers.

If you want to leave a voicemail, please refer to the letter you sent and repeat the main benefits of speaking in less than 10 seconds. Finally repeat your name, company name, website address and phone number and say that you will follow up again within a week.

If they don't accept the speaker, ask the group's advice, thank them for their time, and then continue with the next call.

Now, if you have a field staff and they do accept speakers, then you have the opportunity to a] establish contact, b] build some relationships, c] research your target market, and d] get on their speaking calendar. Make the most of this opportunity!

Remember: talk to someone on the other end. Do not sneak into the monologue. forever and always. First, ask if they have a few minutes to talk to you. If they don't have time to talk in the middle of a busy day, ask for a convenient time to make another call and then call again.

Let them talk about the problem you solved.

If you find someone who has time to talk to you, ask them to talk about them or their members. Your solution solves the problem. Wait, listen to their answers. Even if the subject deviates from the subject, it's okay because you are building relationships and building rapport. This is an extra challenge for you – can you let them laugh at certain things? Still laughing together?

Go back to the lecture.

Some local programmers want to see you before they commit. They want to know how good your speakers are. Go to one of their meetings and give a killer elevator pitch. The video of your presentation in front of an audience on the site is also very useful.

Invite them to join your mailing list to get to know you better.

If the other person can't arrange you immediately, invite them to join your list to better understand you and your work. They almost always say yes. If they don't want to receive more subscriptions, this is perfectly understandable.

A hint of success: Never personally hurt or disappoint your reaction to them like you. Don't rely on their "yes".

Most of the time, people who don't know you at all will not book you right away.

follow up.

After the live conversation, send a personal email, thank them and provide instructions on how to subscribe to your list. For example, warn them in advance to confirm the link email. If they reject the e-magazine subscription invitation, invite them to become your friends on Facebook.

keep in touch.

Last but not least, keep track of everyone you call, when and what responses you receive. If you are in touch with you, please try again in the next six months or one year. If you are good at marketing, your initial concerns as an unknown entity may change radically in a few months.

In this way, I have obtained some excellent customers and loyal fans! you can also. After all, you have been engaged in your business for a long time, aren't you?

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