Getting started with WordPress for complete beginners

Getting started with WordPress for complete beginners
WordPress is the world’s most widely used Content Management System (CMS), and a great platform on which to build websites, whether its a blog, online shop or information site. This course will show you the basics on how to set-up your first WordPress site, add content and manage it. WordPress, the world’s most successful CMS, is free and is developed by a world-wide community of volunteers. In that spirit of giving something for nothing, Develop Me is offering two free places to this training day. If you'd like a free place drop an email to by Thursday 31st August explaining how you intend to use your new WordPress skills to give something for nothing to others. Winners of the free places will be notified on Friday 1st September. Things you’ll learn What WordPress can be used for Logging into the admin interface Different types of content: posts, pages, media files and comments Customising the look of your site with themes Customising what your site can do with plugins Managing menus An overview of users and permissions levels Maintaining your site Installing WordPress Who it’s forPerfect for complete beginners wanting to set their own website up either for a business, a social group or just for personal fun.You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of making websites, but you will ideally be a confident user of the internet.Those that like to learn in a friendly and relaxed environment where there is no such thing as a silly question, and plenty of expert help is on hand. Prerequisites and preparationTo get the most out of this course it will help if you come along with a specific idea of what you want your website to do.You’ll need a working laptop. You won’t need to have any special software installed, but you should have a modern web browser. For best results use the latest version of Google Chrome, which is free. Firefox, Edge, Safari, or Opera will work just fine. If this is difficult for you to organise ahead of the course, let us know and we’ll do your best to help you before the course. Previous reviews "Hannah is absolutely brilliant (technical knowledge, teaching ability, willingness to go the extra mile). It's been a privilege being taught by Hannah." "I have made a start already on my website, and created a homepage, contact form, and about section. I am glad I attended this course, because I wouldn’t have got this far without it!” Terms and conditions In booking a Develop Me workshop you are bound by these terms and conditions.

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