Golf GPS Equipment – Will It Help Me To Reduce My Current Handicap?

If you are considering buying a golf GPS device, you could be wanting to know if it will assist to reduce your handicap. While today’s golf GPS product can do a lot of things, it is not able to hit the ball for you. However, these products provide you with facts that can be very useful in getting those figures down.

What does a golf GPS product do?

These products employ the Global Positioning Service (GPS) to identify where you are on the course and provide you with yardage to different areas on the fairway and to the green. While there are a lot of functions with today’s products, most all of them suggest yardage to the front, middle and back of the green. A few of them will also indicate yardage to dangers such as bunkers and water.

Determining the yardage can be of exceptional advantage in various ways.

Virtually all golf courses have yardage markers in the fairway that suggests the yardage to the middle of the green. Naturally, this is better than nothing but for several reasons they can become misleading over time if they were ever precise in the first place. A golf GPS device is very exact even from the very point that your ball lies. Forget about walking off distances.

Now assume you are 100 yards form the middle of the green. For many rookies, the club of choice is your 100 yard club. But imagine the flag is in the front portion of the green and, based on your GPS device, this is only 80 yards away. Do you feel this would matter in your club selection?

Another instance is that you are confronting a hazard such as a pond and you are asking the oldest question “do I lay up or give it a go”? With a GPS product, you would be aware of the length to the front of the pond and over the pond. With that info, your choice tends to be a lot simpler.

How can a GPS product help upgrade my game?

One of the main benefits of these products is that it offers you a feel for how far you hit each club. Many amateurs may suppose they hit a particular club 150 yards on average. With a more accurate measurement they could realize that they only hit it 135 or 140 yards – a huge difference. When you know the yardage each club will likely give to you, you are more apt to hit more effective shots.

You have possibly heard that one of the crucial elements in the golf swing is how much assurance you have that you could hit a particular shot. When you understand the yardage you need to get to a particular point and you determine which club in your bag is likely to get you there, then you will likely be confident in your shot. And that confidence can make a large improvement in your game.

No, a golf GPS device is unable to hit the ball for you. But now you see what it can do for you. It can give you the information to become a more self reliant golfer and with that confidence, a better golfer.

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