Golf is called a good game for gentlemen

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Golf has long been known as the gentleman movement. The sport even has its own rules of etiquette. Although it is widely believed that these golf and etiquette rules are about keeping the game in a gentleman's state, they all have practical uses. The general reasons behind the golf etiquette rules are 1] to ensure the safety of the golfer on the court 2] to maintain the course of the game or 3] to assist in the maintenance of the golf course.

Let us break these for some specific rules of golf etiquette:

1] Safety of other golfers:

One. Don't swing your club until the area around you is cleared. You don't want to risk hitting the golfer.

Don't hit your ball before the team in front of you is completely beyond your scope.

C. If you find your ball moving in the direction of another player or group of players, be sure to yell "Before!" to indicate that they should pay attention to your incoming golf ball.

d. Never throw a golf club. In addition to being out of date, you may also hurt others in the process.

2] Game flow:

One. You want to keep the game moving by being ready to take shots. By preparing the ball, you can save time walking and setting the lens.

Bay ' away from the players [the player with the ball farthest from the green] always hits first. This saves debate about who is turning it around and allows everyone to move on and set for his or her next shot.

C. If you are looking for lost golf, please wave to the next set.

d. Leave the green immediately after you finish the putt so that the group behind you can continue the game.

3] Maintenance of the golf course:

One. You want to make sure to leave the green as much as possible along with your shopping cart along the golf cart path. Carts can cause damage to the course, repair costs can be high, and the players behind the game are more challenging.

Never push a golf cart onto the green. Greens may be the most delicious and often abused part of a golf course, and are not designed to handle the weight or abuse that golf carts may place.

C. Repair all green turf and ball markers. This is an unreasonable thing. A golf ball that falls at a high speed will hurt the poor greens. You want to keep the greens behind you in good condition and hope that the people in front of you do the same for you.

d. Always sand the sand to eliminate footprints and ball marks.

Although these rules are not all-inclusive, they are general guidelines that can help you get off to a good start on the golf course. Cheers!

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