Good idea for your bathroom renovation

So you have decided it's time to transform your bathroom – great! But where should you start and what should be your top priority? Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure the highest quality remodeling work.

Select space

Many bathrooms can feel small and narrow. Sometimes you have to use the available space. If your space is small, focus on a space-saving design that makes the room feel light and airy. Consider leaving enough counter space for two people, even if you have to sacrifice "he and her" sink. More and more people find that the counter space is better than the double sink in the shared bathroom. In larger bathrooms, consider setting a privacy wall to hide the toilet area.

storage space

It is important to leave proper storage space in your renovated bathroom. Don't forget where to include towels and toiletries in your design, as well as medicine cabinets for first aid!

Lighting and ventilation

The shadow in the bathroom is the last thing you want. If not already installed, make sure there are ceiling lights and vanity lights around the medicine cabinet and mirror area. Proper ventilation and fans, as well as proper lighting, will help reduce mold and mold growth.

Choose the right material

In the long run, classic materials and colors are better than fashions that look obsolete in just a few years. Porcelain, granite and quartz are still popular choices for tiles, countertops or sinks. White, pastel and lighter earthy tones are still the most popular colors. While buying products online has become very popular, it is always recommended to buy or buy the products yourself, so you can be sure that the colors and sizes are exactly what you want.

Indulge yourself a little bit

Choose at least one of the bathroom accessories you've always dreamed of and add it to the list. There is no better time than you have reshaped. Remember – double your efforts will increase the value of your home!

Choose the right professional for your job

Cuts in materials or labor will lead to an unprofessional appearance that may be disappointing in the long run. In addition, although DIY projects are becoming more popular, professionals can find hidden problems, such as leaks or water damage, and provide advice during the reconstruction project.

Upgrade water efficiency

Modern standards have become more water efficient. Ask your plumber to find out which water saving devices and fixtures you can install during the retrofit process. Upgrades help save on future water bills and help save water.

Do not worry

Take the time to think about what you really want, then invest time and money to make sure you get the most out of it, and don't ignore what you really like to do.

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