Google Simplified

Google Simplified
For the do-it-yourself small business owner on a tight budget it can be hard to navigate the complexity of all the Google products and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques. Understanding the key basic concepts can make a difference.This FREE seminar will discuss the key Google things small business owners will benefit from including; Google Maps and Google Local Top 2 Google Analytics reports Search Engine Optimisation Keywords Why Blogs? The rise of Google + This course is suitable for:Businesses who have a website or are looking at getting one soon.  It will assist businesses who intend to do-it-yourself or those who wish to understand the language and tools to better communicate with their website developer. This event is brought to you by DIY Digital and supported by the City of Marion through their Open for Business program.

at Cove Civic Centre
1 Ragamuffin Drive,
Hallett, Australia

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