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    • avatar Harry Ballsack 2

      these are not seized cars, these are surplus cars.

      • avatar Harry Ballsack 1

        these are not seized cars, these are surplus cars.

        • avatar Drink Bleach 1

          how much did the charger sell for

          • avatar Luseane Singh 2

            where is your address in califirnia or states

            • avatar TheRealBoss_Jon 914 2

              love undercover police cars

              • avatar Chris Lemaster 1

                These GSA auctions were around in the mid 1990's My dad and I around 1995 used to go up every one in Bolingbrook IL. I remember buying 7 year Old 1988 Chrysler Lebaron K cars for around 1200.00 a piece. We brought 3 or 4 at time brought them back and sold them for 2800.00 a piece. This is what happened more and more dealers found out about these auctions and drove the prices though the roof about mid 1997.  In another words we quit going

                • avatar jad 0

                  can you drive the car out of the lot with out insurance and do you have a link for the site

                  • avatar Jamie Round 2

                    ok so how do i find out about a local city or county in which i live in sale as u call gsa sales on the rides…..?? i live in newark,ohio 43055

                    • avatar jesse green 1

             and it doesnt cost 39 bucks

                      • avatar jesse green 1

                        you don't have to buy that info from the govt

                        • avatar jesse green 1

                          i really think is just an advertisement