GPS For Trucks: Prepare To Be Amazed

Fleet managers already know that if they have a GPS tracking device in a truck the police will be able to find it faster. The difference this makes for your company's business depends on what is in the trucks.

If your trucks carry nuclear warheads or the new iPads, they might be at risk. If those trucks were stolen, it would be important to find them quickly - before the serial numbers could be removed or the weapons sold to the wrong people. If you are carrying truckloads of live chickens, the risk of theft might be much smaller. So if you really do move live chickens, why would you need GPS for trucks?

While speed of recovery of stolen vehicles is the leading reason to install GPS for trucks, there are many other reasons that might be equally important to your performance as fleet manager and to the company. Among the other reasons for installing GPS for trucks are these five:

1. With GPS for trucks you will know exactly where every truck is at every minute of the day or night. If you are the kind of fleet manager who will not leave work until you know every truck is safely parked for the night, you won't need to wait for a phone call. If timing of deliveries is important, you can stay on top of expected arrival times and notify customers when a driver is ahead of schedule or behind. If you operate a fleet of service vehicles, you know which vehicle is closest to a customer with a real emergency.

2. Save fuel and save money when you invest in GPS for trucks. When you are able to track the routes your drivers are using, you can help them find faster, more direct, or more fuel-efficient routing. Choosing the best route will save time and save fuel, which will, in turn, save money. You will also know who is wasting time on the road, sitting on the side of the road, or at each stop. You can also improve productivity and save more money.

3. By programming the geo-fencing capability of GPS for trucks you can create an electronic fence around your garage from closing to opening each night. If anyone tries to take a vehicle out after hours, you will receive an immediate alert, you can monitor where it is going in live time, and you can receive a report of the route of travel all night by the time you arrive at work in the morning.

4. You can also manage vehicle maintenance more efficiently with GPS for trucks. The device will alert you if a major mechanical problem is starting, or if there are too many miles on the tires, or if an oil change is past due. Better maintenance improves fuel mileage and operating cost.

5. Your GPS for trucks can also help you correct bad driving habits. You can schedule reports that will alert you to habitual speeders. You can check to see who is trying to drag race away from traffic lights in a four ton truck. You can also see who is leaving a vehicle idling too long.

These are just five of the ways GPS for trucks can help you manage your fleet more efficiently and effectively. You will save time, improve productivity of both the trucks and the drivers, and you'll save a bundle of money for the company. Isn't it time you learned more about the many benefits of GPS for trucks?

To learn more about the benefits ofGPS for trucks, get the white paper "7 Ways Your Company Can Save Thousands of Dollars With GPS Fleet Tracking." A number of companies have substantially boosted their revenue and decreased their costs by implementing a GPS tracking system for their fleet. To calculate the ROI for your company, see the Fleet GPS ROI calculator.


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