Graphic Arts and Writing and Drawing Skills

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As an artist for nearly 50 years, experience painting is very natural to me. This played a role in the advertising work that several companies gave me, and then my own business. Newspapers and mailings are my specialty, and design is especially important for getting as much information as possible about the reader's eyes. This means that smart paintings must replace words.

In recent years, as a writer, this technique has paid off when choosing as few words as possible to describe something. In general, authors are trying to draw a picture that their audience will accept. The same is true of the Internet.

Before clicking on the page, the page and article have about 6 seconds of viewing time to attract their viewers. If there isn't a compelling title or a word to attract their interest, they will disappear and they will rarely come back.

Although the number of viewers in this latest media format is in the millions or more, there is no guarantee that the page will be visible. Instead of words, many will be attracted to a great image. Over time, if the logo or comedy picture knows that it can be beneficial by pasting, they will be connected immediately.

The Logo is a great lottery card, and the faculty members are better off responding to them through graphics rather than text. That's because many people are not fast readers, and some are almost impossible to read. But everyone responds to a photo.

On the other hand, if a person is attractive to a more intellectually conscious audience, it is the word they respond to rather than the image. Therefore, it is important to understand who your audience is and how best to present your materials to ensure that the balance is correct. This is where graphic art, writing and painting techniques all come into play.

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