Grow your Private Practice : London Marketing Workshop for Clinicians

Grow your Private Practice : London Marketing Workshop for Clinicians
Grow your Private Practice: London Marketing Workshop for Clinicians Boost your patient referrals and fast track your practice growth.   Are you currently working in private practice, but not seeing enough patients?   You’ve already proven you’ve got the clinical skills, but do you have a nagging awareness that it takes more than that to grow a practice? Have you recently qualified as a Consultant, but are feeling overwhelmed about how to grow and market a successful practice? Are you feeling a little out of your depth when it comes to gaining new referrals and figuring out social media and tech? Maybe you’ve out-grown someone else’s physio or osteo practice and are now looking to set up on your own? Do you want to develop your own patient list, take ‘ownership’ of how things are done, but feel uncomfortable about the idea of ‘selling’? This half-day workshop will help you get you on the best possible footing to help you grow your private practice. The workshop is very practical and will help you develop a concrete action plan to use in marketing your practice, so you can feel confident in how to attract the right patients that you really want to treat.   The workshop will cover:   First steps in how to grow your practice, and fill your diary with the patients you really want to treat. How to simplify your marketing, so you can attract the right patients, and make best use of your skills.   We'll work together to gain clarity on:   How to define your ‘ideal’ patient, and how to attract them. How to define your area of expertise, and how to promote it (without it feeling like a sales pitch). How to engage with, and keep, patient referrers. The best steps to take when starting out in social media and blogging.   This workshop is right for you if you are a Consultant Physician, Consultant Surgeon, Physiotherapist, or Osteopath wanting to grow your private practice. It is a very practical session helping you to develop a concrete action plan for you to use in marketing your practice.   Please note, this workshop is strictly limited to eight places. This is to ensure ample time and opportunity for delegates to ask specific questions about their own practice. The workshop fee includes a continental breakfast on arrival (fruit juice, pastries, fresh fruit, tea and coffee), and tea and coffee will be serve mid-morning. Please arrive in good time for the 8.30am breakfast. The workshop will start promptly at 9am. *** We encourage attendees to bring a laptop to the workshop. Free Wi-Fi is available***     Feedback from Private Practice Ninjas:   "Prior to the event Cath, I have to admit that I felt a little apprehensive, as I knew that it would force me out of my comfort zone. Cath help me set out clear goals and objectives, such as identifying my ideal patient, how I could help them best and to recognise my unique skill set. Cath has opened my eyes to looking at my own work processes and has really encouraged me to embrace marketing 'tech' and establish a system to engage with clients and referrers."  Scott Newton, London Running Physio.   "Thank you very much indeed for Friday, I felt very positive and upbeat when I left and am looking forward to growing my practice this coming year!! Andrew Jenner, Functional Osteopath.   "Cath’s insights into how to set up and market my practice have been invaluable. She has been a fantastic mentor. Listen to what she has to say!"  Giles Stafford, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.   If you would like more information, please connect with me via email at   Dr Cath Spencer-Smith   FAQs   What's the refund policy? Cancellations must be made via email to Cancellations made before the 09.00am of the 2nd of June 2017 will receive a full refund. Cancellations made after this date will not be entitled to a refund. No refund will be made for non-attendance of the course. Private Practice Ninja delivers events as advertised, but there may be occasions when, in exceptional circumstances, we have to cancel an event.  In the case of event cancellations, delegates will either be offered an alternative date, or a full refund. Private Practice Ninja cannot refund any advance, non-refundable travel or accommodation bookings. Please consider this when making arrangements to travel. Please note also that Private Practice Ninja will not compensate for time spent travelling or away from the place of work.

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