1. TheCarWhisperer1 TheCarWhisperer1

    Can your MC Workers still make Product at the same time as being a CEO? I guess I'll figure that out soon lol.

  2. clash with seth clash with seth

    I bought the clubhouse by the beach and having trouble keeping my money damn u ppl that kill me lol

  3. Francesco Bianchi Francesco Bianchi

    How do you get a bikers bissnis

  4. Vincent Johansen Vincent Johansen

    I don't think Majorkhan is gunna be a popular kid on the playground after me showing this he probs did that on purpose :L

  5. Dat Boi Himmler Dat Boi Himmler

    I did this using an Insurgent and people keep saying "you're an MC president,Why dont you use motorcycles?" I use the Insurgent to prevent dick heads from destroying my supplies

  6. Orion Prime Orion Prime

    if ur a ceo can u join a friend bikers club

  7. Shawn Lee Shawn Lee

    can u go and get in a invite or solo session and do it no one trying to kill u

  8. luukz023 luukz023

    cocaine business can get you 200k a hour really nice

  9. AntonovZFX AntonovZFX

    I do a glitch that i am alone in the lobby and sell it with no otjer players.I must fly 3 planes to 5 points and i had 30 minutes at the end i had 4 minutes left you can sell alone.

  10. Everett Ingram Everett Ingram

    Wait so if you buy the business upgrade do you get to Keap them for ever

  11. Mr. Lonely Mr. Lonely

    When you pause it perfectly at 3:17

  12. John Rondeau John Rondeau

    I rather play Pacific Standard hesit.
    It play's better.
    And it's easier.

  13. Dog Craws Dog Craws

    Im really starting to like your informational videos. I have a feeling ima be a regular

  14. isaac huerta isaac huerta

    How do you buy more than one business after you already bought one? I understand u can have one of each type, but where do access to buy more business facilities? On the phone, laptop or where? I can't see it on the open road website? From the laptop used at my drug warehouse.

  15. TheGaming Cucumber TheGaming Cucumber

    80th comment


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