Guided Walk – Crag Lough & Sycamore Gap

Guided Walk - Crag Lough & Sycamore Gap
Walk some of the most spectacular part of Hadrian's Wall.   Our walk takes us along some of the most spectacular parts of the Hadrian's Wall above Crag Lough before dropping down to ‘Milking Gap’.  On the return to the north you  get excellent views of the Wall,  the famous ‘Sycamore Gap’ and appreciate what a formidable defensive barrier it was. Discover the best routes in the Northumberland National Park on our Volunteer Guided Walks. Get outside and enjoy your time walking and leave the planning and navigation to us; it’s what we’re best at. Nobody knows the best places to walk in the National Park like our volunteers so you’ll never be short of local history, stories, features and viewpoints. Places for this walk should be booked in advance to avoid disappointment and in the event we need to contact you to cancel or postpone due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Please dress for changeable weather, wear walking boots or shoes and bring drinks and snacks. Whilst well behaved dogs on leads are welcome, please take note of any specific instructions by the walk leader and the concerns of others.  If you have not already booked online, please pay on arrival. Lace up your boots and enjoy a great time outside. Duration: 4 hours Distance: 4.5 miles Category: Moderate - medium length walks of 5-16km (3-10 miles) on hilly ground with rising and falling levels. A reasonable level of fitness is required. Directions: On the Military Road (B6318) at The Sill National Landscape Discovery Centre junction, turn north and follow the road around 0.5 miles to Steel Rigg car park  (Hadrian's Wall Bus stops at the junction) OS grid ref: NY 751 677 For those wishing to use GPS/Sat-Nav to find walk start points please note that, particularly in open country, postcodes cover a large area, so, whilst the postcode will get you to the right general area, you will still need to follow the detailed directions to locate the actual Walk Start Point.

at Steel Rigg Car Park
Bardon Mill, United Kingdom



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