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    • avatar LeafGreenHD 1

      thats not hacking

      • avatar Mark Navea 1

        i dont have that local area connection icon,

        • avatar David Holmes 2

          no worky on windows 10

          • avatar vorkev1 1

            went to fast and it sys 24mb and I pay for 20 so its doing just fine they are giving me more then I pay fore.

            • avatar magna116 1

              GPEDIT tool link is just a wild goose chase for Windows 10 users. FAIL.

              • avatar Steve Gilbert 2

                I connect at 50 with cox before the fix

                • avatar blueknight 1

                  Just went to that fast.com and checked the wifi on my phone. 1st check was 200Mbps, 2nd check was 170Mbps.

                  • avatar Andrea R 1

                    what does it mean when i dont have local connection 4? i only have ethernet and my wifi in network connections

                    • avatar Global Life 1

                      I tried this on my Surface Pro & it kept saying invalid DNS when I tried to confirm the or I will try on my regular computer.

                      • avatar Rik Kelly 0

                        hey there american friend…..love your vids……so funny….problem…..when i type gpedit.msc into the run box…a pop up box tells me the file/program cant be found..please help…

                        • avatar Catriona Clarke 1

                          Hey,can u do this on an android box?

                          • avatar Frédéric Bastiat 2

                            Jack, I'm wondering if it's worth trying these tweaks if you're already using a flash router with IPV and getting speeds between 20 to 40 mbps? Thanks for the video :)

                            • avatar Mark Hannard 1

                              Hi Jack
                              I have two laptops at home do both have to have this process applied or will one suffice ?