Hardware Is Important With Commercial Pole Lighting

Many benefits drop ship straight to client locations when they take the time to invest a little extra in commercial light pole hardware and accessories. A pole, after all, is a simple thing that in and of itself offers function and a measure of stability and support for a lighting fixture.

Without the proper hardware accessories, a pole appears bare, and not the most aesthetic piece on the block. Commercial lighting accessories make every element of hardware in a pole work together to contribute to a synthesis of form and function, and they provide a broad range of adaptability that makes them appropriate to almost any commercial light pole we sell.

Hardware and accessories from a quality manufacture will allow for greater ease in installation and more reliable performance from lights mounted on poles of any kind. A selective and wise investment in this equipment often makes the difference between adequate outdoor lighting and superior outdoor lighting design.

Mounts and bases are among the more important hardware elements of any commercial light pole. While the eye itself is drawn to the light at the top, the mind must realize that the only reason the eye gravitates upward is because the base is holding it up straight.

The base has to be firmly bracketed to the concrete in such a way as to maintain a 90, a angle to the surface of the earth. Unfortunately, this often leaves the base of a commercial light pole unattractively exposed. With the addition of a simple accessory found in our online inventory – a square base cover – the pole appears more seamlessly attached to the earth and also more aesthetically appealing as a result.

Fixture mounts make an even more important impact on aesthetics for a number of reasons. First, they hold the light fixture in position and must maintain that position firmly in spite of problematics such as wind velocity, accidental impacts, and the force of gravity.

Secondly, the mount itself must be attractive enough to blend into the piece but – low profile – nonetheless in that it does not dominate the landscape. Mounting brackets function are essential commercial pole lighting hardware accessories that come in many sizes and builds to fit the circular and square pole builds we supply.

They can both cap the top of a pole to add a decorative touch and horizontally extend fixtures outward from the sides of the pole. For certain designs, be sure to look closely at our horizontal wall mounts and glare reducing shields for fixtures as well. These simple but highly effective commercial pole lighting hardware accessories prove highly useful to custom architectural and landscape lighting design themes.

There are over 20 specialized models of tenon adapters that both vertically and horizontally mount a number of fixtures that work exceptionally well with commercial grade light poles, among which are certain low voltage security lights. Choosing the right hardware requires knowledge of how angles and mounting bracket spread affect the distribution of light, and often this can be challenging even for a professional lighting design contractor working on a tight schedule.

Top quality lighting manufactures will often staff a team of specialists highly skilled in recommending application and installation methods that can both customize commercial pole lighting hardware and accessories to any lighting array, and that can also save your business tremendous time and money wasted on trial and error, or on ordering the wrong part and discovering after the fact that something else in inventory would have more adequately accomplished the task.

They usually are happy to do the math and recommend design strategies for any commercial contractor or client interested in our products and who uses our forum or toll free number to request our help. There is a growing selection features commercial lighting poles and accessory hardware options finishes to weather many years of problematic weather, so they work throughout the nation regardless of specific seasonal changes and climate conditions.

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