Hardy Plank can provide you with the best looking fiber cement room!

If you want to be the homeowner of the best houses in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Long Island or New Jersey, then you want Hardy Planck! Hardy Plank siding has been around for a hundred years. It has always been a popular product due to its unmatched durability and appearance. Over the years, this fiber cement household siding has been developed in combination with sand, cement and cellulose fibers in commercial and domestic buildings to withstand the harshest temperatures.

Hardy Plank Siding – popular on Staten Island, Long Island and Brooklyn

Countless homes in Staten Island and New York City, New Jersey and other parts of Long Island are using Hardy Plank siding, the next generation of engineered home siding.

Hardy wood siding, sometimes referred to as "Hardy siding," has not received its unique nickname for its durability and strength. Named after its inventor James Hardie, he developed Hardy plank siding as a sustainable alternative to wood and vinyl in Australia's home siding and redevelopment markets. Today, this durable, fibrous home siding has not been relegated to Australians, but is now available for global consumption.

Comparison of Hardy Plank and wooden siding

Hardy Boarding looks like wood…

The Hardy board is visually appealing. It looks and feels like wood because it mimics the texture and texture of authentic wooden siding. However, the difference ends here.

…but resist fire, water and termites

Hard wood materials are more resistant to extreme weather conditions. This household siding material is also flame retardant, so although it is not fire resistant [to be honest, nothing], the Hardy sheet does not burn further in the event of an accidental fire, arson or natural fire. In addition, you will be very pleased to learn that this material is also water resistant. As a result, your Hardy plank siding will never deform or rot – it will not be affected by aggravated termites and other pests that like to smash more traditional roads and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

…very suitable for painting

Although the natural color of Hardy wood panels looks beautiful, it is a good choice for homeowners who want to customize their home siding. This is because it retains longer paint than wood, and this experience shows that good applied paint jobs are rarely peeled off or chipped from the Hardy Plank surface.

It is not difficult to maintain Hardy Plank

With proper care and maintenance, this special fiber cement home siding will last for 50 years. Most importantly, in addition to conventional house cleaning, it requires little maintenance on a part of the homeowner and ensures that chemical tips are used to change the pressures used on different surfaces of the house, such as deck railings and already passing steps. painted. Other minor repairs may be required from time to time, but no other siding will be more durable than your Hardy Plank siding!

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