Hashing out Different Types of Windows Web Hosting in Detail

Web hosting business is rapidly growing, because thousands of websites are coming into the business. Online companies that are offering the hosting on two different platforms or operating systems, one is windows web hosting based on Microsoft windows operating system and the second one UNIX hosting based on UNIX operating system. Simple HTML site can work better on windows hosting, but some other development languages are being used in the web development and one of them is ASP which is a web programming language, used to design dynamic sites. This language is designed by Microsoft, and if someone is designing the website in ASP then he or she must acquire the ASP web hosting, because Microsoft IIS server is required to run the ASP made sites which is only hosted in asp by the thematic companies. ASP service is somewhat expensive than simple windows one. The website that is designed in ASP language has the extension of .asp. ASP is a very strong language, which give you access of database and for creation of different user accounts and many more.

But a new language has been introduced by the Microsoft for the web development which is ASP.NET; lots of new and advanced features are available in ASP.Net. By using these features you can develop dynamic websites easily because new database connectivity features are available in this language. But a special kind of hosting known as web hosting is required to run these ASP.NET designed website. Because contains software and frameworks required to run the website designed in and almost all of the window companies are providing the .net web hosting.

Hosting Linux is cheaper than the windows. But some of the IT outsourcing companies Singapore are introducing the cheap windows based website hosting packages to the users.

How ASP Works?

ASP (active server pages) is a server side scripting language design by Microsoft. This language is working parallel to PHP, which is also a dynamic server side scripting language. When you request for a website, if your request is for static web site that is design in HTML language. Then your request is sent back with this html page. If you request for a dynamic page that is design in ASP, then firstly the server runs the script and converts this code into HTML language and sends back the request. All the data is collected that is requested by the user sends back to the user.

ASP Web Hosting

You can find ASP web hosting, only from those companies which are using Microsoft windows 2003 to run their servers. ASP design sites are working properly on Microsoft windows plate form, as it is also product of Microsoft. The server software that is used for running ASP web pages is IIS (internet information services); this software is installed into your computer when you install Microsoft windows. You listen about the cheap ASP web hosting or affordable web hosting from many widows based web hosting companies, be careful before selecting any company. As they show some thing and sale something else. If your site contains database then before selecting any package make sure that your ASP service provider provides the services of database. The statement of free asp hosting is completely false, because Microsoft give you everything on money, nothing is free from Microsoft then how they give you free asp web hosting.

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