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HAVVN is an online marketing opportunity launched nearly a year ago. Below are comments on business opportunities and their products.

HAVVN is one of the latest multi-level marketing opportunities in the health and wellness arena. It used to be called JUS International, and its main product is focused on adolescent expansion, or trying to keep signs of aging in a slower process. The company was created in collaboration with the Nutritional Geology Center at the University of California, Davis, California. Today, the company is still in the business and uses online marketing because it means it can lead to long-term success.


There are three main products with opportunities, each focusing on longevity and helping to slow down the aging process. Although we all hope that the "spring of youth" really exists, can anti-aging products work? If we all know that there is one thing we will grow old, in any case, some people will do it, some people will not do it well.

However, these products do have some effective formulas that help fight this process. It starts with HAVVN GO, which contains resveratrol, a key anti-aging formula. Others are HAVVN DNA and HAVVN JUS, JUS is original, but recently updated the company's original healthy beverage formula.


Opportunities are based on networking and multi-level marketing, and while some may think that this is a solution, the only solution in online marketing is those that fail because they are not followed. This ancient concept still creates success for many potential entrepreneurs today. Between the Internet and multi-level marketing, there are more millionaires created today than ever before, only to see the facts.

Trying to find a compensation plan through this particular opportunity when visiting a website is quite difficult, whether it is intentional or irrelevant, and it is still difficult to find. The cost of joining is $25, plus a lifetime membership plus what you need, not what you need, but you need to buy the product. This will pay 30% until your level is below.

While this seems to be a reliable compensation plan, it does not really provide you with product-based revenues as most companies allow. There are of course other bonuses, such as Quick Start Bonus, Trendfront Bonus, and other bonuses, but this requires many people in the organization to generate.

Marketing your HAVVN business

This is the sticky part…friends and family! The company once again brought a copy of the website and information about how to really take the main "trend" and completely missed its boat. There is no real information or training on using the Internet to take advantage of this opportunity. In fact, most of the training is aimed at the “old school” approach to generating and building online marketing services here.

Is HAVVN a solid online marketing opportunity? They do have some delicious products, whether they really work or not, I think you will have to wait a lifetime to see the results. The compensation plan is typical of the industry, but marketing training seems to be lacking. Keep in mind that when trying to leverage the online marketing industry and succeed in the online marketing industry, it's about your sponsor's leadership, the viability of the product, and whether you're willing to learn how to effectively promote it.

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