He wants to divorce, but won't tell me or talk about the reasons – suggestions and tips may help

I have a lot of frustrated women to contact me and say something like this: "My husband said that he wants a divorce, but he won't tell me why he is divorcing. If he didn't give me a legitimate reason, they would accept this. ?" I fully understand your frustration. I am also in this situation. You can't help but think that if you can find the reason for his divorce, you can solve the problem properly and save the marriage. However, his relationship with this question means that you will fly blindly or just groping in a blind situation. It's hard to make a plan when you're not even sure what you're working on.

However, it took me a long time to realize that fixing and indulging in this [and endlessly deceiving my husband] would only make me do more harm than good. I certainly don't mean that the reason he wants to get a divorce is not important. They will definitely. But the truth of the matter is that no matter what happens, you need to do the same thing. So, although I am very happy to know, this is not a necessary condition to save your marriage.

Know that even though he may not know or understand why he did this [if he does, he may not say it because he knows you will disagree with him and try to change his mind]: from

 Usually when I tell a woman, the husband sometimes doesn't because he can't express his reasons clearly, even if he is himself, they will look at me like me. But please listen to me for a while. I do have some people who contact me through my blog. Many of them want to know how to deal with their wife if they ask for a divorce, or if they want to know how to tell their wife that they want to end the marriage.

Of course, I can't resist asking what they bought. I want to know if the problem is a big problem or a small one, if I think that marriage can be saved. The vast majority of them [I would say more than 85%] cannot express specific answers, even for me, a person who knows nothing about them or their marriage. They will think of general reasoning, such as "we just separated," or "I just don't want to get married again" or "I want a new beginning." Sometimes, I even press and ask "Well, is there any welcome?" But even so, I will get vague answers, such as "We are just apart" or "We are no longer in love."

The point I am trying to make is that men know that these reasons seem to be lame and general, and I can even hear them hesitating to speak out to strangers. Moreover, they also know that they will come out for the second time, and you will immediately pounce on them and list the reasons why they are wrong. It is followed by more battles. More tension will emerge. Wanting a divorce, they want to escape these negative emotions instead of creating more. In essence, they pull the lips as they try to quit without huge confrontation or debt. They don't want to give you ammunition trying to change their mind or tell them they are wrong.

It's important to understand this because I think the most effective plan is based on this. We know they don't want to argue or try to change their minds, so we won't give them that – although they will be very surprised. No, we will agree to them and make them lose balance.

With the trend instead of opposing it: from

 I have read a reader and I am going to tell you to "go naturally instead of trying to swim." What she means is that if you keep trying to go against the current, you will lose power and surrender anyway. This is an impossible task. However, if you follow the trend, you can take it to wherever you want without any effort. So, what does this have to do with your marriage and his desire to divorce?

Because I want you to swim with him and agree with him and forget to try to open the reason for his divorce. Hear me out. You and I know that this plan is to save your marriage, but we don't plan to share it with him. why? Because if we do this, he will only shut up and listen to what you said. He didn't want him to change his mind, so you have to stop trying.

I told you to just give in to divorce? Absolutely not. What I tell you is that in order to save your marriage, you must first let them relax their vigilance. So, you have to stop chasing what happened in their minds. You will agree that the recent marriage does not have any picnic for you. You will tell them that you actually like your time. You will start your own class and self-esteem. You can avoid suicide by swimming. Do you know what usually happens when you do this? They are absolutely shocked. This is not what they expected.

Moreover, they are very curious. Any other people? Don't you love them anymore? They need to know the answer so they can start sniffing. And what do you do when this happens? You are still the most elegant, fun, relaxed and favorite version of your own. You make sure they see the woman they fell in love with for the first time, you have patience. You can't stay overnight on this train, but you can take a small step. You can know that every little victory will be established until he expects every encounter and begins to think that all these divorces are a huge mistake.

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