Health and fitness products at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show

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Many people flock to Las Vegas's electronic innovation sacs to see the latest games and robotics, but the best products for home use can help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Below are some previews of health, fitness and wellness products launched this year.

Sanyo eBike

This bike not only runs on electricity, it also regenerates power when you ride, powering your trip. You can drive up to 40 miles on your own power at speeds of up to 20 mph.

I.wakeup sunrise clock

An alarm clock that simulates the sunrise provides a less harsh warning in the morning, making you feel better for your day.

3D back massager

The portable massage and heating system simulates the effects of a live massage that can be used at home or at work.

Aroma Natural Elite Diffuser

Relaxed music and candlelight effects can be synthesized and personalized to help soothe a whole day. It creates a relaxed scent and shades that can be customized to relax.

Home appliance manager

For your electronics, like a meter, this device notifies you when you are close to the power consumption of your design. It allows you to read the amount of power used by all devices.

T1 zone trainer with hydration index

The complex name of the heart rate monitor, which has a hydration index that gives you an idea of ​​the amount of target fluid consumed at runtime.

Reverse stretching massage chair

This massage chair looks like something beyond Star Wars and promises an unparalleled massage chair experience. It allows you to “reverse your own pain with a squeezing massage with a sprain and heat to stimulate the spine”

Phillips Activa

The device motivates people to exercise by providing real-time feedback on exercise. It also adjusts the rhythm and rhythm of the music to suit your training regime.


This device not only tracks the user's movements and sleep, but also serves as an emergency support for unfortunate falls and accidents. This is the technician's "I have fallen, I can't get up."


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