hedgehog 1

hedgehog 1
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A giant sculpture of a hedgehog is unveiled at Clapham Common to mark the launch of the second series of David Attenborough's Natural Curiosities which premieres on Watch on the 18th February at 8pm. The 12ft long sculpture, which took a team of artists over two months to construct, pays homage to the British hedgehog which is featured in the series. A survey by the channel revealed that 25% of the British public had never seen a live hedgehog in the wild. Sir David Attenborough, who presents the show, commented: "The hedgehog is one of Britain's greatest natural curiosities and this sculpture is a fitting tribute to one of our best loved species. The fact that a quarter of British adults have never seen a wild hedgehog suggests that we are witnessing rapidly dwindling numbers which is a concern. Hedgehogs have some interesting habits and play a useful part in keeping down all kinds of insect pests. What people don't know about hedgehogs is that in the wild they have vast territories, and they roam for miles on end. And how d they mate? Very carefully!"



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