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It has been more than ten years since we started training. Looking back it is an incredible journey for both of us. My uncle always introduces me to the wrong professional engineer!

Anyway, today we want to share a public speech. Do you know that nearly 80% of the world's population in the world are afraid to speak publicly? One of the most famous statistics in the United States is that more people are afraid of public speaking than death! Go figure out.

Today, if people look at us for training, seminars, conferences or seminars, people will have the impression that we are born public speakers. To be honest, we are far from natural.

We never talk. In fact, one of the reasons my wife Irene chose me was because I didn't talk much, but I looked at me today. We are not a debater at school, nor a speaker at our university days. This is the skill we acquired and learned in the process.

There is a saying, "Every master has been a disaster!" I am definitely a disaster. I remember that when I first started working, my first task was to be the moderator [MC] of the official functions of our office. I still remember that on that special day, I did not become MC, but chose a different MC – medical certificate!

In fact, I still remember my first official speech in Bangui. This is very nerve-racking, because I didn't even go to work that day. We took a day off so we could go to the venue. This is very important. I tried to make a psychological preview of the speech. For me, it should be easy because I did it one-on-one and I have seen people do this many times. Boy, I am wrong!

That night, I froze! I am too difficult, I can't move. It’s like my whole body is shocked, the podium is still alive! Can you imagine my coach stopped speaking in the middle and asked me what went wrong! I told him I was nervous, I was scared!

Ok, that's a lot of things many years ago. The truth is, if we can do it, you can do the same. Understanding success is something you can learn. Public speaking is also a skill you can learn and become a master. The important thing here is that you must have the right attitude!

Here are 20 tips to help you improve your public speaking skills:

#1Viewing an expert

The best way to start learning a good presentation is to watch a good speaker. Ten years ago, this would be even more difficult, but today you can quickly find good examples online.

#2Understand your materials

Do enough research to master the topic before you give a speech. You don't want to forget an important fact.


Although you don't want to read your own speech from the script, writing a short outline will help you stay focused.

#4私排 rehearsal

One of the most important keys to making powerful speech is practice. Rehearsing your speech, you can [almost] say it in your sleep. Do it in front of the mirror!

#5 Rehearsing to a small audience

After practicing, please speak to a small audience. When you are done, ask for feedback about your performance. You can then use this suggestion to complete your presentation.

#6Learn your audience

Your presentation should be directed at your audience. If you must use terms that they are not familiar with, you will need to provide a definition.

#7Understand your environment

Before you give a speech, please visit the place where you will be speaking. If possible, you can even try to practice at the location.

#8 dressing properly

Depending on your audience, you may need to wear it formally or casually. In addition, the layers are worn to suit various temperatures.

#9 Relax

Almost everyone feels nervous when speaking. Pause before you start speaking, and introduce your nervous energy into enthusiasm to calm you down.

#10 starts with an interesting question or fact

Most viewers subconsciously let the speaker attract their attention for 20 seconds. Quickly engage your audience with fascinating questions or the facts that begin.

#11Aware that your audience is by your side

The audience rarely wants the speaker to fail. Most of the time, the audience wants you to succeed. After all, who wants to go through a boring speech?

#12Use gestures

Don't be afraid to use hand movements. As long as you use them naturally, gestures will increase your presentation.

#13Using visual aids

In addition to gestures, visual aids, from high-tech Power Point presentations to simple blackboard diagrams, can help visual learners.

#14 Don't overuse visual effects

Although visual effects are very useful, too many good things can be terrible. Use visual effects with care and taste. [Yes, your spectacular slide show will distract the audience and bother.]

#15 is full of faith and confidence

If you want your audience to believe in you, you must first believe in yourself. If you don't believe in your speech, please don't give a speech first!

#16 Don't talk to your notes

The first time speakers often tried to talk to their notes. Instead, let yourself be different by talking to…

#17 Suspend your speech

Don't be afraid to add silence to your speech. In fact, this quietness will help keep your audience awake and focus on your subject.

#18Add humor and tell the story to interact and relate to your audience

While too many jokes can ruin your persuasiveness, occasional humorous anecdotes will make your presentation easier and appealing to the audience.

#19 Don't apologize for nervousness

Some speakers felt the need to apologize to the audience and sounded nervous. Do not do this! This kind of error will not only reduce your persuasiveness, but will not be useful information for your audience.

#20Prepare a good ending

Instead of muttering, "Well, I think that is…" When you slowly exit the platform, plan a strong ending. An ideal ending is a call to action. For example, in a speech about blogs, I might end, "Now, start your blog now!"

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