History of culinary art

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Cooking has been seen as a hobby or a chore. So far, it is considered to be a high-tech job in billions of industries. Students who participate in culinary arts have different levels of skills and knowledge, but they all share the same thing, that is, passion for cooking. If you are not interested in cooking first, then you will never learn more about culinary art, right now?

Food is an indispensable part of our daily lives, because our family recipes are carefully cared for by generations. For some people, they learn new food, while others even go to cooking schools to perfect their skills and experience and earn a degree in culinary arts. Knowing that everyone needs food is easy to understand, but don't know when the different types of food taste, introduction and characteristics start and where? If you are, let us discover the history of culinary art.

The history of cooking dates back to the 19th century, when Boston's first culinary school was teaching American culinary arts and was prepared to let students pass on their knowledge to others. The first recipe ever published was written by Fannie Merrit Farmer in 1896. He also studied at the Boston Culinary School, and his books are still widely used as references and are still in print.

The next stage in the history of culinary art was carried out on television. In 1946, James Beard was also considered the father of American cooking, and he regularly held American culinary arts cooking classes. On the other hand, in the 1960s, Julia Child gave life to the French cuisine of American society. At that time, through the power of the radio, she entered all the kitchens in the country.

In the history of cooking, the American Culinary Institute [CIA] was established as the first cooking school to hold a culinary arts career course. Its first location was on the campus of Yale University in Connecticut and later moved to New York in 1972. But before the CIA was established, those who wanted to work in the culinary arts field often had to undergo apprenticeship training from experienced chefs to get on-the-job training. This method of learning is a traditional course in Europe, but it is quite challenging because organized apprenticeship is a fairly new concept in the history of American culinary art. Today, however, apprentices continue to provide first-class cooking experiences for aspiring chefs.

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