Holiday Programme: Minecraft – Develop Your Own Mods Week 2

Holiday Programme: Minecraft - Develop Your Own Mods Week 2
Due to extremely popular demand, we are pleased to announce that our "Develop Minecraft Mods" school holiday programme is now also available in week 2 of the school holidays. So you know and enjoy Minecraft? Now you’ll want to get to that next level by extending and developing your own mods and extensions for this fascinating game.  There’s no denying that modding is cool. After all, it allows you to alter your Minecraft gaming world to constantly keep things new and fun. While it isn’t incredibly difficult to learn to mod, it does take some practice. We are here to help you build basic coding skills to make modding your games as easy as 1-2-3! For ages 10-18. Register by sending an email to, calling (09) 815 0825 or following SCRATCHPAD website Course Highlights: Know What Minecraft Modding Is Write Your Own Minecraft Mods Write Mods with Functions Make and Call New Functions Build a Tower in Minecraft By Breaking Coding into Phases And more… #Coding #Robotics #Electronics #Children #after school programmes #weekend sessions #coding classes #technology #holiday programmmes #school holiday courses #Android apps #Minecraft modding

at Scratchpad Centre
1 Wagener Place
Auckland, New Zealand



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