Home Improvement – Rebuilding the Five Energy Saving Projects in Your Home

Millions of American homeowners plan to renovate rather than relocate. If you plan to remodel your home, here are some of the most effective projects to regain more hard-earned money by reducing the energy use of your home.


The first one, although it will not be displayed outside, adds a layer of insulation to the attic. To determine if an upgrade is available for your home, check how many properties you already have. If it's less than 12 inches, adding another layer will significantly reduce your energy bill.

2. Windows

Replacing wooden windows with energy-efficient vinyl windows can also quickly recover energy costs. If the cost of replacing all windows at one time exceeds the budget, first replace the south and west facing windows to save on summer cooling costs. Then replace the east and north facing windows to reduce heating costs.

3. Furnace filter

A very cheap upgrade is just a regular replacement of the furnace filter. It can increase your cooling system efficiency by up to 10% while ensuring that your registrants are aware. By purchasing a washable filter for about $20, you can save even more if you get proper care for up to 5 years, while helping the environment by not having to recycle old filters.

4. Lighting

Changing incandescent lamps to fluorescent lamps can also provide a strong return on investment. For example, replacing a quarter of an incandescent bulb with a compact fluorescent lamp can reduce household electricity consumption by 50%. As energy costs continue to rise, this is a good way to fight back.

5. Electrical appliances

Finally, many of today's new devices save a lot of energy compared to their ancestors. When you save on energy costs, they are also a great way to make your kitchen look new.

Energy costs will continue to rise. Among them, there is no doubt. However, you can do a lot of projects yourself that will bring significant energy savings to your home, all of which will ultimately cost you money by reducing the amount of energy your home uses.

As energy costs continue to soar, you can look around your home anytime, anywhere, and evaluate whether these reliable, simple, and affordable items are right for you. You will be satisfied with this difference and be happy with the money you saved.

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