Horse racing system for wet climate racing

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Supporting the winner at an important time can be a nightmare. Some winter meetings turn into a graveyard for punters. But if you know what to look for, you can find the winner during this difficult winter.

The form obtained in firmness and death is not necessarily a good guide to the opportunity of horses on wet ground. However, when we can't dismiss such horses on a normal track in a reasonable form, they show adaptability because some horses handle most types of tracks. We can't rule out poor horses, especially if their recent game has already been played, which is not their preferred type. This becomes a balanced act that can frustrate students because they have weighed the pros and cons of each horse, and they desperately see a long-range shot of no one to fight back, absolutely no form to go home on the bad ground.

It is very important to put things in the eyes. The 20/1 winner means you only need to get one winner for every 20 bets, but some will try the system once, when it loses complaining that the system is not working. If you are too easy to give up, then you will risk losing the winner. If you insist on using the system, then this may recover your previous losses.

Here are some of the systems you might want to try;

Last time I lost my favorite in heavy systems. You can also forgive the horse for failure in a bad place. There are many types of heavy-duty roads, such as muddy ground, where soil is already present, and then the ground that many horses struggle with is sticky, or the horse is loose and heavy in the place where it passes, but some people cannot handle the nature of the cockroach. go with.

The seven-day spare horse is worth considering because the current state of health is very important and the recently completed horses cannot be discounted because the heavy track is notorious for reversing the form. If there are several horses in the same game in the 7-day reserve, the horses that win the most games in the replay must be preferred.

Another strategy is to support those horses who won the last game in a heavy game. The reason this usually works is because any horse that wins under test conditions is clearly well suited and suitable for horses can overcome many negative factors.

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