How are marketing, advertising and public relations related?

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Public relations is a form of communication. It involves a variety of commercial or non-commercial organizations in the public or private sector, as well as all those associated with the organization.

Marketing focuses on products [or services], prices, promotions and locations [distribution]. from

 These are collectively referred to as marketing mixes or "four p". If another P, for the perception to be added to this combination, PR will have influence; public relations can be applied to each part of the marketing mix, where advertising, the most familiar advertisement of the public, is only one element.

Among the many definitions of advertising, one is as follows from

“Advertising provides the most convincing possible sales information to the exact prospects of a product or service at the lowest possible price.” from

 It presents information through a variety of creative techniques based on themes such as copywriting, illustration, layout, typography, scriptwriting and video production. The focus is on sales, which is very different from the role of public relations in providing information through information, education and creative understanding.

However, there is a significant relationship between advertising and public relations. from

Advertising is more likely to succeed when the previous pr activity generates knowledge and understanding of the product or service being promoted.from

. This can sometimes be called marketing education and is an example of how pr can help with marketing strategies. Public relations and advertising work together are sensible business practices, rather than relying entirely on advertising to break into new markets or introduce new unknown products or services. Many new products are simply not sold, because there is no establishment or market education, so advertising expenditure is a waste of money.

It can actually be considered a larger activity than advertising because it involves all communications across the organization, and while advertising may cost more than public relations, it is primarily limited to marketing functions. Public relations is definitely not a free advertisement, and if done well, it takes time and money. While the cost of advertising is always well known, the cost of enhancing editing space or broadcast/TV broadcast time is difficult to quantify, but its benefits are often of great value.

Organizations must not use advertising, but each organization participates in public relations.

Another change is the financial situation of both – advertising agencies typically receive revenue from commission-based fee structures, and payments are made for media and production costs. However, public relations companies receive income from the hours and quality of implementation, and the funds received are used to pay employees' salaries.

It contains everyone and everything, and advertising is limited to sales and purchasing tasks. from

 For example, recognizing goods and services, purchasing materials and recruiting employees. Public relations are related to the overall communication of the organization; therefore, it is broader and more comprehensive than advertising. Sometimes public relations may use advertising, which is why it is neither a form of advertising nor part of advertising, but a key tool for misunderstandings in marketing mix.

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