How can hotels deal with Airbnb through information outsourcing?

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Shared services are disruptive innovations. The emergence of a shared economy may be beneficial to most consumers today, but the affected industries believe that these advances are the enemy of economic growth. These inadvertently promoted the demise of traditional counterparts.

Only a few people began to reinvent themselves and the games their modern competitors won. According to the hotel, Airbnb is not just an enemy, but a technology that they still have to adapt.

Damage effect

Since its conception in 2008, Airbnb has been considered the largest peer-to-peer hotel service. The platform does things by trying new ways. The use of digital technology and social media in the market provides an overall user experience with consumer choice. If Airbnb does lead to hotel booking tightening, then this is inconclusive, but Airbnb's expanding industry is undeniable in its own right.

In addition to bringing people away from the space, their recent “Live Like the Locals” campaign has tended to be flattering among millennials. Airbnb has also established their online reputation system, and previous guests can leave ratings and comments.

Intimate and personal

At least, learn from the toughest competitors.

Personalized experience has always been a generation of tenants, a trend of millennials. However, the hotel needs staff who can talk around the clock and are responsible for their entire hotel experience.

Information outsourcing provides the industry with the technology to complement this need. In addition to better personalized service quality, the hotel will also provide advertising campaigns and marketing design. Technicians can also provide hotels with designated programs and applications, organize their logistics, and even manage their internal processes. Recruiting employees in a highly skilled solution team is not risky and cost effective as it will greatly improve your service.

Equipped with your own technical department, you can now easily outsource direct services such as laundry, cleaning, restaurants, cleaning, and even emergency issues. It can also include bookings, technical support, customer service, airport transfers and more. This may also include additional services such as access to airline reservations, travel agencies, tourist offices, public transportation or car rentals.

The hotel industry has turned to a higher degree of process automation. Entertaining hospitable technical talent will be a huge leap forward, allowing the game to take advantage and regaining its territory as its legal owner.

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