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    • avatar jaboi jobo 1

      I'm looking for a programmer to work with me on an app. if anyone knows someone please hmu

      • avatar Maurice Williams 1

        We are aliens.

        • avatar DerpMC 6620 1

          I'm sucks at math I'm not gonna be a programmer :(

          • avatar Anonymus Anon 1

            i want to be a programmer

            • avatar Al-amin Hossain 1

              dear sir
              I'm a student of business studies can I be a programmer?

              • avatar Martim Afonso 2

                fdps de amUrica

                • avatar Martim Afonso 1

                  americanos fdps nunca serão tão bons como os chineses.

                  • avatar 전동기 1

                    No GAVE~ NO!! I'M NOT READY NOOOOOOOO!

                    • avatar Shaikh Abrar 1

                      #zukerberg his every word carries value

                      • avatar yoyo honey 2


                        • avatar HamPs 1

                          Don't be an engineer it won't help you… be a doctor instead you can cure yourself from diseases

                          • avatar Changot 2

                            good video, shit graphics though! HAHAHA

                            • avatar demar derozan 10 1

                              cp is fuckingggg hard to learn

                              • avatar Glowing One 1

                                When the fuck does this video answer its title?! 'Himanshu Mathur' you're a stupid curried cunt.